Monday, October 3, 2016

JD's Burgers, Mont Albert by Benny

A feeling of déjà vu envelops us as we eagerly munch into these absolutely fantastic burgers. Although none of us have ever eaten at JD’s before (in its former premises in Kew, or here, right next to the Mont Albert railway station), we have certainly sampled these wonderful ‘Asian fusion’ flavours before; but where?

krillin destructo disk;  black goku;  king kai
Broadhands, Bilby Blue and I are on a mission – to explore one of the worst kept secrets in Melbourne’s elite burger scene: the connection between JD’s Burgers in Mont Albert and Burger Block in Kew. Both have excellent reputations and both proudly promote their ‘unique Asian fusion’ flavours. Indeed, they are owned and operated by a brother (Daniel, the ‘D’ in JD’s) and sister (Brenda of Burger Block) and there are many similarities in their menus and flavours, but whatever the family dynamics, the winners are Melbourne’s connoisseurs of fine burgers.

The shopping strip around the Mont Albert railway station is a neatly presented time capsule from decades ago, and JD’s occupies what would have originally been a couple of tiny shops right next to the station, an obvious doorway having been opened through the dividing wall to provide extra seats for those dining in. Even with the additional space, there is room for no more than a dozen or so diners inside, and maybe another dozen on tables set up on the footpath. As it is on a very quiet street, the footpath tables are very pleasant on a warm sunny day.

On offer are eight beef, eight chicken, a vegie and a mushroom burger; beer battered chips with a few different toppings (including furikake seaweed), and the intriguingly named “Krillin’s Destructo Disk” – described as a “cheese and bacon stuffed large potato cake”. Krillin turns out to be an anime and manga character, a theme that extends to the names of many of the burgers.

king kai burger
All three of us are in the mood for beef today, so Bilby goes for the King Kai (fusion beef patty, American cheese, bacon, Spanish onions, beer battered onion rings, lettuce, ‘afterlife’ BBQ sauce) and declares it “a perfect amalgam of ingredients”.

golden frieza burger
Broadhands chooses the Golden Frieza (fusion beef patty, American cheese, bacon, Spanish onions, lettuce, golden frieza curry sauce) and tucks in with gusto. It is a mildly sweetish rather than a hot green curry sauce, and is delicious.

black goku burger
My Black Goku (JD’s beef patty fused with Black Goku’s black pepper sauce, American cheese, mushrooms, Spanish onions, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno pepper mayo) is a peppery beefy triumph.

krillin destructo disk
Did I mention Krillin’s Destructo Disk? Take two thin slices of potato cake, sandwich bacon and cheese between, dip in batter and deep fry. Serve with a generous sprinkle of JD’s seasoning (spicy!). It is a very large and tasty variation on the standard potato cake (as obtained from any fish and chip shop around Australia), although it doesn’t quite scale the culinary heights of the burgers.

JD’s unashamedly focusses on burgers. Want a drink? You can help yourself to water and there is a standard but small selection of commercial fizzy options. Coffee? Nope. Want something sweet to finish off? Sorry. A nice touch are the moist towellettes supplied along with normal paper serviettes. They are essential as the burgers are so wonderfully sticky that your hands get a bit messy.

jd's burgers


We loved it
We loved it.  Why isn't it open for lunch on a weekday?


Exceptionally good burgers and innovative flavours. JD’s is open from 4-9pm weekdays and 12-9pm weekends. 

Find it at

JD’s Burgers
17 Hamilton Street
Mont Albert Vic 3127
Phone (03) 8590 6448

JD's Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Laura said...

It's good huh! I live a bit close for comfort :)

Benny said...

Hi Laura. Yes, if you live close by it is a bit of a trap, but what a way to go?!

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