Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chill Gelato, Mt Martha by Bilby Blue

On an unseasonally warm and sunny Sunday in August, we had motored down to Mt Martha. Obviously a day at the beach requires a gelato hit before returning home, so we considered travelling back via Mornington’s Tutti Frutti. Then we spotted Chill Gelato…

Chill Gelato is in a rather unprepossessing small shop in Mt Martha village. Later investigation discovered that it also has an extremely light digital footprint. There were a couple of tables inside and the tables outside in the sunshine were rather pleasant on such a superb day. Chill is obviously popular, even on a winter Sunday afternoon – while we sat outside eating our gelato there was a constant stream of people ordering frozen treats.

ice cream; blood orange;  chocolate; coconut;  chill; gelato
The triple scoop - chocolate, blood orange and coconut

gelato flavours;  chill;  gelato
An array of flavours

All the gelato is made on the premises, and there were around two dozen flavours available. Options were cups or cones, with single, double, “trippple” or quadruple flavours, plus there are tubs to take home. Chill also does juices and smoothies, and ice cream cakes can be ordered. Tastings were freely offered.

Both Benny and I had our usual serving – two flavours in a waffle cone – but Broadhands was feeling extravagant and went for a trippple (pic above). Chocolate, blood orange and coconut. He raved about the chocolate, describing it as excellent, and the other two as very good. Overall it proved to be a great match of flavours.

pistashio;  salted caramel;  gelato;  chill
Benny described his pairing of salted caramel and pistachio as pretty good. The pistachio was studded with huge chunks of fresh nuts, however he felt that the salted caramel, although lovely and creamy, needed a bit more salt to counteract the sweet.

passionfruit; gelato; hazelnut; chill
Both my flavours were excellent. The passionfruit gelato was really fruity and I thought it was an excellent contrast with my second flavour, hazelnut, which was beautiful – just like Frangelico, but without the alcoholic hit.

exterior chill;  mt martha


We really liked it
We really liked it.


A hidden gem, Chill Gelato serves up excellent gelato – it is totally worth a detour if you are around that part of the Mornington Peninsula.

Find it at

Chill Gelato
3A Bay Road
Mount Martha Vic 3934
Telephone: (03) 5974 3363

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