Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trei, Glen Waverley by Obelix

We have circled the relatively new Trei with much curiosity and with a slight tinge of sadness as Trei has replaced our beloved Swiss Patisserie.  But with the attractively put together al fresco area and a menu which featured acai bowls and other seemingly healthy offerings, my sister and I were willing to come out of mourning and give it a go.  

Trei, Glen Waverley, cauliflower fritters
Being a pescatarian is sometimes a bit limiting when it comes to cafe dining.  I invariably end up with avo on toast, smoked salmon on toast or some variation thereof.  I was delighted to see Spicy Cauliflower Fritters with cumin, labneh, peperonata and poached egg ($17.50).  Envisaging cauli fritters like the Indian Pakoras, light and crispy coating with nourishing cauliflower florets within. I was really looking forward to my dish.  

However I was a bit disappointed with what came.  The fritters were more like patties of stodge.  They were similar to hot cakes with more binding agent - I suspect flour rather than much cauli.  They were also under-seasoned and not at all spicy as advertised.  The labneh and peperonata were delicious but they were the side act.  Perhaps the fritters would have been less dry and brick-like if the poach eggs tenderly oozed their yolks over it.  However the eggs were well done and no ooze was to be had.  

Trei, Glen Waverley, egg and bacon bun
My sister ordered herself an Egg and Bacon Bun with mayo, tomato relish, white slaw and grilled cheese ($11.80).  She too thought it tasted a bit ordinary.  However, although the food was not stellar, I must admit that the Trei were very thoughtful in catering to individual variations of a dish.  For example, my sister being pregnant enough to show, had her fried egg thoroughly cooked and her housemade mayo in a separate ramekin.  I thought it was a rather nice touch.  

Trei, Glen Waverley, Golden latte
I was very excited to see Golden Latte being featured.  I love this tumeric spiced warm drink which is so good for you.  I was a bit disappointed when drinking mine that there was a slurry of grit in the bottom of the glass.  Having made Golden Latte at home from scratch, I wondered what that slurry was as one made from scratch should not have too much sediment.  The barista proudly informed me that their golden lattes came from a packet mix.  Well that would explain the grit, it was probably undissolved powder mix.  

Trei, Glen Waverley, chai
My sister indulged in a soy chai.  I understand they serve Prana Chai which is a lovely chai blend.  


We wouldn't return
We wouldn’t return.


In terms of ambiance, Trei is a nice cafe.  However, in terms of the food, I much prefer the patisserie that used to be here.

Find it at

232 Blackburn Road
Glen Waverley 3150 
Phone: 03 9802 0960

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