Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hogan's Cafe Bar Restaurant, Wallan by Obelix

The Wallan Old Time Market has been a veritable new find for me.  Interesting and quirky stalls, friendly locals makes for a pleasant morning spent in the country.  Which leads me to lunch at Hogan's Cafe Bar Restaurant, a stone's throw away from all the action.

I had the Olds and Kiddo in tow who were hungry from bargain hunting and demanding a feed. Lucky for me, Hogan's have a Seniors Special as well as Kid's Menu so they were well accommodated for.

Hogan's, Wallan, chicken soup
The Olds both had the Seniors Menu which consisted of two courses for $14.  This consisted of an entree and main for one of them and a main and dessert for the other.  The entree was soup of the day which was a creamy chicken and vegetables.  As they were both taking nibbles off each other's plates, both reported the soup was hearty with chunks of chicken breast.

Hogan's, Wallan, roast beef
For mains, one senior selected the roast of the day which happened to be roast lamb served with vegetables and scalloped potatoes.  And the other opted for the fish and chips.  The fish happened to be hoki.  The serving sizes on the mains on the senior menu was slightly smaller than the regular meals but both Olds reported it was adequate taking into consideration both courses.

The senior dessert was a choice from the dessert and cake bar.  There was the most amazingly abundant looking baked cheesecake (sorry there's no photo for that...oops).  That was enough for everyone at the table to take a nibble or two.

Hogan's, Wallan, kid's meal
Kiddo fared equally well.  The Kids Menu came with a little gender specific activity pack.  She was also offered a soft drink, a selection of desserts and mains for $9.90.  Kiddo choose the calamari and she reported it was not really calamari rings but rather a seafood slurry shaped into a ring.  She ate it nonetheless.

Hogan's, Wallan, kid's meal
For dessert, Kiddo opted for their ice cream which came with a little piece of chocolate.  There were no complaints about that.

Hogan's, Wallan, fish and chips
I on the other hand was neither a senior nor a minor and did not have a value meal deal.  The bistro menu did not have much in the way of pescatarian options.  I chose the barramundi fillet with chips and salad for $28.90.  The barra could be either grilled or fried.  I enjoyed it but it was not too much different than my Dad's hoki which was $14 inclusive of a second course.  So I felt slightly cheated.  The fish was well cooked and the chips were fresh.


We liked it
We liked it.


Hogan's is a typical country cafe/restaurant.  It's better value for the kids and the seniors.

Find it at

Hogan's Cafe Bar Restaurant
92 High St
Wallan VIC 3756
Phone: (03) 5783 1251

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