Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pizza Religion, Hawthorn East by Obelix

Does this happen in your household?   It's a weeknight; it's pushing on dinner time; there's no food in the house to construct any form of a meal; you loathe to order in a pizza because of the guilt factor associated with fast food...what to do?  I have recently stumbled on what Kiddo called "the best pizza crust I have ever put in my mouth". It's Pizza Religion.  Simply put - they do good pizza.  The crust is the perfect thinness to convey the perfect amount of perfectly amalgamated pizza ingredients into one's gob.  

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Here we ordered the kid's margherita pizza which has the option of fresh tomato slices (but we didn't go that route) and my mushroom, caramelised onion and tallegio pizza.  Say no more, you had me a tallegio. I give you this close up to demonstrate the thinness of the crust.

pizza, pizza religion, vegetarian,
And the woodsy and dense.  It was divine.

pizza, pizza religion, vegetarian,
This was Kiddo's very loved kid's pizza.

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Next time round, we included P into our pizza night.  He ordered the prawn pizza which came with decent sized chunks of prawns and a scattering of peas.  Not my fave, I still rate the mushroom pizza over this one.

pizza, pizza religion, vegetarian,
I decided to try the chargrilled zucchini with chilli flecks, mint, fetta and lemon zest.  My second fave.  Still can't beat the mushroom.

Having loved her margherita so much, Kiddo wanted to up-size to an adults version of the margherita.  It came with boccocini, basil and fresh tomatoes.  She ate the whole thing.  I think that says it all.


We loved it.


Pizza often has the connotation of being bad, nasty fast food.  But the pizzas at Pizza Religion are light and very well executed.  I would happily eat this on a regular basis without the guilt and with a lot of enjoyment. I should add there is plenty of seating for dine in and they also have a little Vespa for local deliveries.

Find it at

Pizza Religion
493 Tooronga Rd
Hawthorn East 3123
Telephone: 9882 2555

Pizza Religion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Laura said...

Ohh thanks for the reminder about this place!! I've had the mushroom and prawn/pea pizzas. Both get my thumbs up!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

It's so good isn't it? I think I need to revisit

Nikk Pizza Grill said...
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