Saturday, December 19, 2015

Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

I first came across Old Town White Coffee a few years ago inside Kuala Lumpur International Airport.  My memory is a bit sketchy as we had arrived there at some ungodly hour, waiting for our onward connecting flight back to Melbourne.  At that time, I only bought a drink from Old Town White Coffee as Beaker convinced me to spend all our remaining foreign currency on a massage.  A few years on, Old Town White Coffee has opened up its first shop in Australia on Elizabeth Street, and this time I made sure to try some of the food.

Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne, curry chicken, noodles
I wasn't quite sure what everyone ordered, so I'm afraid for some of these photos I have to let the visuals do the talking.  I think this was a Hokkein noodle with curry chicken and potatoes, served with fried wonton skins and garnished with mint leaves(!).

Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne, roti
The roti was deliciously light, fluffy and crispy.  This was one of the better dishes.

Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne, nasi lemak
The chicken nasi lemak was good but not particularly noteworthy.

Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne, Ipoh hor fun, noodles
A few of us went for the Ipoh hor fun - prawn and chicken flat noodles in soup.  I have to say, the Pappa Rich version of this is a bit better.  Nonetheless, we got three small-middle sized prawns and a reasonable-ish serve of noodles.  It's good if you want a light lunch.  The broth was nice but could definitely do with a stronger, deeper prawn flavour.

Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne, noodles, stir fry
This was a chicken and prawn stir fried rice noodle dish.

Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne, drinks
And a few of us got some drinks to go with our meals.

Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne, Malaysian


We liked it.


Old Town White Coffee is okay.  For me, it's just another option for lunch, and it has plenty of choices which is a good thing if you're dining in a group.  I have to say, while the menu range is a bit different, I think I prefer Pappa Rich by a smidge.  Service was a tad erratic on the day... our dishes got served at different times which meant that some of us had finished by the time others had received their dishes.

Find it at

Old Town White Coffee
303 Elizabeth Street
Telephone: 9939 4268

Old Town White Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Francis Kim said...

Feels very similar to Papa Rich! Looks like it's worth a visit.

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Hi Francis, yes it's very similar to PappaRich but they also have more western style dishes.

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