Friday, December 11, 2015

Pier, Port Melbourne by Obelix

Zomato got into the spirit of Halloween this year and we were lucky to receive a #hallowtreats goodie bag and within was a voucher to dine at Pier, Port Melbourne. A lovely gesture by both The Pier and Zomato and I decided to take the olds down for lunch. The Pier has prime location by the seaside and its Art Deco details on the exterior make it hard to miss on the foreshore. The interior is tastefully decorated too! (I have included a few pics below).

pier port melbourne, risotto, pescatarian
We were all in a pescatarian jag and ended up all ordering either or vegetarian options. I could not resist the seafood risotto. It was a generous serving size and came with an abundance of large prawns, mussels and scallops.

pier port melbourne, pescatarian
My mum's dish would have been the pick of the day. It was a gargantuan bowl of mussels in a tomato based sauce with a touch of piquancy. It came with toasted baguette for dipping and pomme frites. It was messy eating but very satisfying.

Pier, Port Melbourne, vegetarian, pasta
My dad had the vegetarian pasta dish with roasted pumpkin and fetta. Once again, a huge serve which he was very pleased with and he reported it was flavourful.

Pier, Port Melbourne, fish and chips
My sister went for the good old fashioned fish and chips...when by the seaside... It was probably a bit more thickly battered than she would like but otherwise okay.

pier port melbourne, pescatarian
We enjoyed a salt and pepper calamari to share...mmm...

pier port melbourne, pescatarian
...and had a few T2 spiced chai lattes.

Here's the few interior shots as promised...a great space for a few drinks, would you agree?

pier port melbourne, pescatarian

pier port melbourne, pescatarian


We liked it


The Pier is in a fantastic location opposite the beach.  It has a lot going for it.  Decent meals, a spacious drinks area and the service was very attentive too.

Find it at

1 Bay St, Port Melbourne
Phone: 9646 3990

Pier Port Melbourne Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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