Monday, November 2, 2015

South Society, Mt Waverley by Obelix

Feeling very familial one fine morning, I organised a brunch for the three generations of ladies in my family.  My dad was included as an honorary lady of the family.  I have been hearing great things about South Society, relatively new in the Pinewood Shopping Centre area...all accounts fairly positive with the exception of the noise level - apparently there is not much in the way of sound proofing.  And so it was.  An echoey concretey space.  But if you can get over that, and the somewhat on the slow side service, the brunch offerings were pretty decent.  Most of the brunch menu were between $15 - $20 with the exception of the calamari salad which was $22.

brunch eggs breakfast lunch cafe south society
I ordered a colourful poached eggs on a vegetable pattie type affair.  It had sweet potatoes, mushrooms, beetroot and rocket.  It was filling and guilt free deliciousness.

burger lamb south society cafe brunch lunch breakfast chips slow cooked
My Dad went for one of the specials, a slow cooked lamb burger with chips.  It was very substantial and not too overpoweringly muttony.  He was happy with his order.

calamari, seafood, salad, south society, fresh, healthy, brunch, lunch, breakfast
I believe the pick of the day would have been my sister's order of calamari salad.  The pieces of calamari were lightly crumbed and tender within.  The salad was fresh and zingy with loads of crisp salad items (radicchio, blood orange, fennel, roasted caps) without resorting to the polly-filler of salad items, the mesclun.

eggs, breakfast, mexican food, beans, tortilla, south society, lunch, brunch
My Mum decided on a Mexican style breakfast with fried eggs, baked beans, ham, fresh corn and a toasted tortilla.  It was a huge pan-ful.

calamari, kids meal, chips, south society, seafood, brunch, lunch
And the last of the generation, Kiddo, she ordered a kids meal with calamari and chips.  The calamari was similar to those in my sister's salad - tender and lightly crumbed.  They do make an equal effort with the kids meal as they do with the adults.  Kudos.

chai, drink, hot beverage, warm, cafe, coffee, tea, south society
I kept self happy with a chai.  

mineral water, drink, cold beverage, cafe, south society
And young Kiddo kept self happy with a mineral water.


We liked it.


Decent brunch/lunch offerings.  I would be keen to try them out for dinner.  If only they could sound proof it a bit with soft furnishings.  The noise level bordered on the edge of uncomfortable.

Find it at

435-37 Blackburn Rd
Mount Waverley 3149
Telephone: (03) 9887 9877

South Society Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Laura said...

That calamari salad has my name all over it!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Oh yeah! It was good 😋👍

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