Friday, November 27, 2015

Little Bridge Cafe, Richmond by Bureaucrat

Medical appointments are never fun.  However, the upside of going to the doctors (at least for me), is that it's an excuse to have lunch at a nearby restaurant or cafe - which is how we came across Little Bridge Cafe.  True to its name, the cafe is little.  But, golly, it packs a punch when it comes to its glorious middle-Eastern influenced cafe menu.

Little Bridge Cafe, Bridge Road
When you're greeted with this amazing bounty, you just know you're onto a good thing.  Everything is made on site - the bouncy doughnuts, custard tarts, muffins and baklava-y sweets.  Also on offer are soups of the day and these delicious, moreish savoury flat breads.  Little Bridge Cafe seems quite popular among the local workers, residents and even the boys in blue come in for a coffee and snack.

Little Bridge Cafe, Bridge Road, lamb, flat bread, tea
This was my little pick-me-up and it was divine!  It was an absolute steal, too... the flat bread and tea was around $7.  If you were to buy this in the city, you'd at least be paying much more and it would probably won't be as nice.  The gorgeous bread was light, toasted and I loved the slight crunchy texture on the outside.  Inside, the filling was this delicious minced lamb filling that was just perfect - not greasy and had lots of chopped parsley through it.  I loved how it came with a wedge of lemon to give the bread a nice citrusy zing.  The flat bread is reminiscent of a borek but heaps better.  For one, the flat bread was indeed flat and not overly doughy or thick in texture... just enough to encase the filling.

Little Bridge Cafe, Bridge Road, chocolate doughnut
With all the sweet cakes and pastries on display, I had to try a freshly made chocolate (i.e., Nutella) doughnut.  This was gorgeous.  Fluffy, yeasty doughnut and the Nutella was still warm and plentiful.  Topped with a generous amount of icing sugar, this was bliss!

Little Bridge Cafe, Bridge Road

Little Bridge Cafe, Bridge Road


We loved it.


This is a keeper.  I can't wait for the next time I have to go to the doctor's again just so I can eat here!

**Edit: I tried to go back here earlier this week (in the mid-afternoon) and practically everything had been sold out!  The owner was apologetic and said that she would make something up from scratch for us but the pantry was bare.  So my tip to you is to don't miss out and go early!

Find it at

Little Bridge Cafe
34 Bridge Rd
Richmond 3121

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