Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BonBons Bakery, Burwood East by Bureaucrat

Alliteration aside, it seems these days that no matter where you go, there's an Asian style bakery, for example, Bread Top or Bread Kingdom.  While all of these bakeries offer a similar range of products, not all are of equal quality.  BonBons Bakery is yet another Asian style bakery chain.  And having sampled a few of their baked goods, I have to say, it's now my go-to place when I'm in the mood for a Swiss roll or pineapple bun.  I usually go to the one inside Burwood shopping centre.  This one seems to have a smaller range than, say, its counterpart inside Chadstone shopping centre.  Nonetheless, there's enough of a selection to tempt me to pick up a few goodies for an afternoon treat.  

BonBons Bakery, doughnut, cream bun
The simple but fluffy and nicely doughy cinnamon doughnut was delish.  It wasn't too oily or greasy on the fingers.  It wasn't dry on the inside and was pleasantly chewy (I loathe doughnuts that are as hard as a camp-fired damper).  The fresh cream bun was equally delish.  The slightly sweet soft bread  had a nice cream-to-bread ratio.  Lovely with a big cup of tea.

BonBons Bakery, Swiss roll
In my family, we're all suckers for a nice Swiss roll.  I just love that a simple cake can be so satisfying.  It's got just enough cream to make the cake special but without making one feel like an absolutely piggy for eating more than once slice.  The Swiss rolls here are pretty good.  Great value for the size.  Nine dollars buys you a fairly long roll (compared to what you'd pay for in Bread Top).  What I liked the most was that the sponge was light and airy and the filling was more of a creamy, fluffy meringue type instead of those godawful solid-as-rock buttercream that you sometimes find in these cakes (eating the buttercream makes me feel like its lining the walls of my arteries... ick!).


We really liked it


Yup, BonBons Bakery is my new go-to Asian style bakery. Great value and quality.  I'll be checking out the one inside Chaddy to see what else they've got to offer.

Find it at

BonBons Bakery
Burwood Shopping Centre
210 Burwood Highway
Burwood East

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