Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sushi Izu, Ashburton by Obelix

I’ve had previous grab and go experience with Sushi Izu and it wasn’t pretty.  When they first started to pop up at various Woolworths, I was curious and had purchased a vegetarian dumpling pack.  They were oily leaden clumps.  Truly the worse dumplings I have ever encountered. 

However with the passage of time, I began to forget that awful experience and began circling Sushi Izu with curiosity again.  They appear to have expanded their range and what made me really perk up with interest was the fact they began churning out sushi rolls in which the salmon were charred…I can’t go pass a smoky flavoured sushi…so I purchased a Sakura pack to try ($12). 

This time around, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a California roll type interior however instead of the nori exterior, it was draped with salmon which was then blowtorched(?) until cooked.  Thus achieving a charred bbq taste.  

With the same type of seared/charred-salmon-draped-over-sushi-rice idea, there were four pieces of these morsels alongside.

Verdict:  I liked it.

I'm a convert.  Sushi Izu wins points for convenience and it has lifted up its game.  I loved their seared salmon range however I will still continue to steer clear of their dumplings.

Cnr Warrigal Road and High Street Road
Ashburton 3147

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