Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Aroy Dee Thai, Mount Waverley by Bureaucrat

As part of our bid to support local businesses, we got some takeaway from Aroy Dee Thai, which opened earlier this year near the intersection of High Street Road and Blackburn Road. Prices are very wallet friendly and the food is pretty tasty.  

The chicken pad Thai was loaded with chicken breast, spring onions and omelette ($7.95).  What I love about pad Thai is the savoury sauce/gravy that the noodles are tossed through.  This was a pretty good version of it.

We also got the seafood noodle soup ($5.50).  We asked the staff if they could reduce the chilli in the soup, which they were happy to do so.  Full of punchy Thai flavour and just on the verge of uncomfortably hot for us (which isn't a lot).  It had a fairly decent amount of prawns, fish cake, calamari and mushrooms.

Verdict: we liked it a lot

A great cheap eats place.  Definitely a keeper as you can easily have a good feed for less than $10. There is no MSG and they don't hold back on the gutsy strong Thai flavours (hello, fish sauce!). Definitely well worth a visit if you're in the area.

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Laura said...

Looks good! Can you guys please keep on with the Mt Wav posts? My parents live there so I'm always looking for good food in the area!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Thanks for your comment Laura :) Happy to try out more places in Mt Waverley. There's two places that I want to try out.. Both are in Pinewood shopping precinct. Once it's Cafe 57 which I've heard consistent good things, the other is a new cafe called South Side which looks almost too cool for Mt Waverley!

Laura said...

My mum goes to Cafe 57 all the time and says it's great, I haven't tried it myself though! The South Side has had some good reviews lately. It's a big improvement on the restaurant that used to be there! Also worth a visit is Straits Kitchen- great Malaysian food in Pinewood!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

I really should try Cafe 57... I've always put it off because the name is so boring.. Lol.
I didn't like Straits Kitchen as much bc they used msg. Another place that's in my list is the Thai restaurant opposite Syndal station.. Too many places to try!

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