Sunday, June 7, 2015

Coeur de Ble, Paris by Bureaucrat

Coeur de Ble is a franchise that spruiks a healthy eating ethos - the food is mostly pre-made but its all quite fresh and healthy.  During my short stay in Paris, I had a few meals here as it was close to my hotel.  It was a great way to get some green matter in me, it was well-priced and it didn't hurt that they had some delicious desserts (think creme caramel, chocolate mousse made with dark chocolate, creamy cheesecakes) for about three Euros.  

On my first visit, I went for a green salad with orange segments and a lovely soy sauce and sesame seed oil vinaigrette. Although you can't see it, underneath the tatsoi leaves were roasted hazelnuts, thinly sliced root veg and I think some quinoa (my memory is a bit hazy).  I also got a pot of chunky mushroom soup.

On a second visit, I went for a wild rice salad, which was loaded with petit pois (i.e., peas... but it sounds so much more fancy in French), edamame beans.  Underneath was a pumpkin puree and the dressing was zingy with lots of finely diced shallots.  

And because, when in Paris, one can't not eat pastries, I got this gorgeous lemon meringue.  Beautifully burnished meringue that was marshmallowy in texture with a nicely tart lemon curd on the inside. The pastry was buttery and had that lovely crumblyness to it.  Yum.

We also had a brie and salami baguette from here. However, this wasn't as nice as their other stuff.  The bread was definitely not the proper French baguette.  Instead it tasted kinda mass produced, plasticky in texture and lacking that heady, bready aroma.

Verdict: we liked it a lot

I really liked Coeur de Ble.  If only they have this back in Melbourne - as it would easily be a go-to place a healthy, well-priced workday lunch option for me.

3 rue Saint Augustin (66 rue Sainte Anne)
75002 Paris, France

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