Monday, April 21, 2014

Pacific Seafood BBQ House, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

One fine day, I met Mother Hen and Mr Strong in the city for lunch.  As we were around QV, Mother Hen suggested that we try out Pacific Seafood BBQ House on Lonsdale Street (although, oddly, the name on the shop is Pacific BBQ Cafe) - apparently our friends, Mr and Mrs L, have eaten here before and reckon it's pretty good.

I'm fairly sure that there is another PSBH in another suburb - either Richmond or South Yarra seems to ring a bell.  I have walked past this PSBH loads of times but have never tried it out.

Inside, the place reminded me of a school cafeteria.  Bright colours, plastic chairs and booths, and the tables set out in a neat grid formation.  While it was early (around 12pm), the place already had quite a few tables of diners tucking into lunch.

I didn't need to read the menu to know what I wanted to order - roast duck on rice!  The duck here was pretty good - juicy, meaty and not too fatty.  It came with a big serve of rice and some lightly stir fried cabbage.  Simple and good.  

Mr Strong went for the stir fry beef hor fun.  A fairly big plate of hor fun with lots of beef strips, which had beanshoots and spring onions tossed through.  A reasonable amount of wok hei and it wasn't too salty.

Mother Hen went for one of the $11 set lunch menu items.  She got the grilled pork chop w black pepper sauce on rice (it also came with spaghetti).  Along with that you can also have a cup of tea or coffee.  She opted for the tea which was served Honkie style - which, to me, tastes like builders' tea made with too much sweetened condensed milk.  

Food – 7.5
Ambiance – 7
Service – 7
Price – 8.5

A nice spot for a cheap and cheerful lunch.  The menu is varied and has lots of Honkie favourites. While I've only been there once, I reckon this place is a keeper.  I'll definitely go back for the roast duck on rice.  

Pacific Seafood BBQ House
213 Lonsdale Street  
Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone: 9663 9288

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Anon said...

Your correct, there's one on Vic St, Richmond.

We ate there the other day with the family before the m-I-l headed back to Hong Kong. I had a really tasty lunch special, unfortunately a piece of plastic (from a takeaway container I assume) was in the meal. I'm no princess, so it didn't bother me. I mentioned it to the m-I-l, who then raised it with staff. They kindly offered to change my meal. I said not to worry, but they still didn't charge. Really nice of them.

Eatandbemerrycrew said...

That's very nice of them to do that! I quite like the roast duck - and have been there again for lunch :)

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