Thursday, April 3, 2014

Food Republik, Box Hill by Big Fil

It was a real last minute decision to visit Food Republik, and a reminder to always double check opening times when you invite someone else to come along and try somewhere with you (my bad).  Situated in the heart of Box Hill Food Republik is like a food court specialising in Taiwanese food, but with table service.

Not too spacious but fairly popular, we had to wait a few minutes for a table to become available.  Brought to a table you are handed a menu where all the items are numbered, and a sheet on which to mark your orders.

Ms L and Ms Counting her Calories decided to share the braised pork belly rice box.  Served with mince pork on rice, egg, a little bit of vegetable and a few kernels of corn, I got to try the braised pork which was nice enough without being anything particularly special.  Ms CHC and Ms L both seemed reasonably pleased with their meal, without really umming and ahhing over it.

Xiao long baos

Pork dumplings

Ironman and myself decided on a dumpling lunch, the pork and the interesting prawn and melon xiao long bao, and the pork dumplings with black vinegar and chilli oil.  The pork dumplings were good, the vinegar and chilli oil adding some punch to the flavours.  The xiao long bao though were disappointing.  Small and with less soup inside than you’d really want, and without the flavour to compensate, I’d not order them again and they left Ironman and myself contemplating ordering another dish.

It’s a good thing we did to, as the beef wrap was probably the best dish of the day.  Using a roti like bread and filling it with slightly dry beef (to my taste) but with a delicious sauce, it is filling, it’s got an interesting firm on the outside soft in the middle texture and it’s got taste.

Food Republik had them lining up when we visited but nothing about it really left me wanted to return.  The concept is cute but the space is overcrowded, the food or at least what we ordered was mediocre, service was a bit overwhelmed and prices just a touch higher than other similar standard options.

Food – 6.5
Service – 6
Ambiance – 6
Price – 6

1 Main Street
Box Hill 3128
Tel: (03) 9898 6669


Laur. said...

That's disappointing! I walk past it every day, and hoped it would be better.

Bureaucrat said...

yep, i, too, am surprised that this isn't as good as it seems. i had planned on trying this out the next time i was in boxed hill.

Eatandbemerrycrew said...

Well, that was my view from one visit. It's always possible that other dishes may be better or more to your taste.


Laur. said...

Have you tried Chilli Flow in Box Hill? Much more enjoyable!

Bureaucrat said...

With a name like Chilli Flow, that's definitely one for Big Fil to try out!

Laur. said...

Let me know what you all think of it!

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