Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ribs & Burgers, Pyrmont (NSW) by Bureaucrat

Continuing my tour of the eateries within Star City, the next day saw me placing an order for a naked burger at Ribs & Burgers.  R&B (ha!) is, more or less, like the burgers that you get at Grill'd, and that you also get ribs there too.

R&B is located in the food court area.  I found the food court to be a bit odd.  It has about a dozen eateries, all of them pitching themselves as the upper range of a mid-range eateries so that it matches the slightly more upmarket furnishings of Star City's food court.  What the heck does that mean?  Well, think your typical tables and chairs that you find in a food court, throw in some better quality light fittings (chandeliers), some mirrored alcoves, the odd golden enamelled seat, diners quaffing bottles of sparkling fizz while they eat thier lunch, and less riff raff hanging out here (mainly because everything's a bit more pricey than a run-of-the-mill food court).  Despite this, I still just see a food court - rather, I see a food court trying to pass itself off as a quasi fine dining place.

But I digress.  Back on to the food.

While the staff are friendly, what irked the most was the wait. I waited, and waited, and waited some more.  I went up and asked whether they had forgotten more order.  By the time my burger was ready, I had waited for 25 minutes.

Because of the long wait, by the time I got my lunch back to the office, I had no time to eat the burger, as I had to go to a meeting.  Skip forward 40 minutes later, I finally got to eat my burger.

Despite liking the packaging of the stripey big bag and box, I felt a wee guilty of all the excess packaging.

Opening up the box, I saw my naked burger - a beef patty w baby lettuce, toms, red onion, dill pickle and olive oil and balsmaic vinegar.  I know it may not look that impressive, but it tasted pretty good.  Despite the 40 minute delay, the food was holding up well.  The beef patty was grilled, still warm and juicy - I'm pretty sure that it would have tasted even better had I eaten it straightaway. It was lean and not gristly at all.  Lots of fresh salad that was crisp and not soggy.  And I liked the addition of the olive oil and balsamic.  By the end, I was full and felt virtuous.

Food - 7.5
Ambience - 7
Service - 6
Price - 7.5

Despite the long wait, I did like the food at R&B.  If I was in the area again, I'd definitely go back to try more of their burgers... and the very tasty looking onion rings I saw others had ordered.

The prices are on the higher end (mid to high teens), however, you do get that back in the quality of the ingredients they use.

Ribs & Burger
80 Pyrmont St
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Telephone: 02 9518 8825

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