Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pho Chu Le, Springvale by Bureaucrat

Twice, in as many weeks, I find myself in Springvale.  Taking this opportunity to (a) eat in Springvale, and (b) try a new place for the blog, we picked Pho Chu Le.

Inside, it looks like a typical restaurant in Springvale - tiled floors, simple tables and chairs, mirrors to give a sense of space, photos of dishes up on the walls.  Having said that, PCL is a bit cleaner and smarter that its peers.  It was promising that it was pretty much full haus in there.

Going for our staple orders at any Viet restaurant, we got a serve of pork and prawn rice paper rolls to share.  This is pretty good - reasonable amount of prawns, tender poached pork.

For mains, grilled pork w vermicelli for moi.  Generous amount of pork, with a nice balance of fattiness and meat. Fresh salad ingredients.  This was a pretty reasonable effort.  However, the big tsk tsk was that it had a smidge of MSG.

The Lawyer got the pho with beef and tripe.  According to him, the beef was a wee tough but the tripe was tender and nice, and the broth had a deep, beefy flavour.  Extra propz for the generous amount of beanshoots and mint that came with the pho (so much that we took the mint to go so that I could add it my smoothie that I was planning to make back at home... hehehe... yes, I'm that cheap!)

I'd rate PCL as a bit above average for the typical Vietnamese place.  Quick service, generous serves and clean.  The only negative is the use of MSG.

PCL is a safe bet - I'd go back there again and try some other dishes if I was in the area.

Food – 7
Service - 7
Ambience – 7
Price - 7

Pho Chu Le
Shop51/ 268-274 Springvale Rd 
Springvale 3171

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