Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Leroy's, Newport by Bureaucrat

It was a serendipitous day where everything turned out right.  I had pointed my car westward and ventured into the western burbs... destination: Newport.  After a delightful morning of hunting and gathering, we wandered around the main bit around Newport station and picked Leroy's for lunch.

The first thing that struck me was the very friendly and happy staff there.

The second thing that struck us was the menu.  My god, Leroy's was a lucky find.  A very tempting menu on offer at very reasonable prices (about $5-$10 cheaper than its peers in more pricey suburbs).

The third thing that struck us was the food.  Very, very delicious and fresh!

The Lawyer has a weak spot for French toast.  This was French toast w berry compote, citrus infused ricotta and almond flakes.  A very appetising golden toast, light and fluffy.  It was sweet without being sickly.  A perfect amount of syrup ensured that the toast wasn't too dry or soggy.  Lovely aromatic toasted almonds.  It wasn't a surprise to me when the Lawyer licked the plate clean.

I got the Thai beef salad w Asian salad, toasted cashews, lime and sweet chilli dressing.  Delicious strips of tender rump steak, fresh salad ingredients and aromatic cashews.  Thankfully the dressing was made from scratch (I find the pre-made sweet chilli dressing in a bottle too overpowering and so cliched).  Everything was fresh and juicy.  Two thumbs up.

I also got a chai, which was nice but a smidge too sweet for me (I'm being picky here).

A great find!  The subtext that, for me, it was so unexpected for the western burbs.  I'd love to have Leroy's as my local.

Great service, great food, great prices.  Foodwise, everything was done so well.  All the little details were spot on.  Dang, maybe I should head out west more often!

Food – 9
Service - 8.5
Ambience – 7
Price - 9

5 Mason St
Newport 3015
Telephone: 9391 9009

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