Saturday, December 22, 2012

Casa del Gelato, Carlton by Bureaucrat

A few weeks ago, it was Health Week at work.  There were various activities and events that were put on to encourage us office pod dwellers to be more healthy.

One of the activities was a team walk.  To incentivize us, there was $200 at stake for the team that participated in the walk.  While my team wasn't too interested in winning, we did like the idea of leaving the pod in search for gelato.

So off we trundled from the CBD towards Lygon Street, in search of Casa del Gelato. Upon arriving at CdG, we were impressed with the range of iced delights.  Inside, it was very clean and bright.  White walls with white tiles; and the ice cream behind the refridgerated counter.  It reminded me of a delicatessan.

There were so many flavours that it made it hard to choose what we want.  While it certainly look good, it didn't taste as nice.  I went peach, berry and lime gelato. The flavours tasted artificial and sickly sweet to me.  After eating about half the cup, I threw the rest away.

I found the gelato a bit 'meh'.  It can imagine it being popular, given that it's in Lygon St and it had a feeling of being a tourist trap sort of place.

Food – 6
Service - 7
Ambience – 6.5
Price - 7

Casa del Gelato
163 Lygon Street
Carlton 3053
Telephone: 9347 0220

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Clef said...

You *must* try the ricotta icecream. I agree, the sorbets can be a bit meh but their ricotta icecream induces drools just thinking about it !

Bureaucrat said...

hi clef
thanks for the tip! i was overwhelmed with the range of sorbets/ice creams on offer that i missed seeing that one.

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