Sunday, November 27, 2011

What food says Australia?

Thanks for the interesting comments, including the comment from H.R. who wondered whether Australia has a national dish. Definitely a thought for another day and one I'll return to.

On to the suggestions:

  • a VB sounds like an intriguing idea but I was hoping something for a little more upmarket. Thanks Marine Loves Papi.

  • Tim Tams would have been a good idea, and anything Haighs chocolate ... if I could be sure Miss K would actually get them!

  • I like the Herbies idea. There are so many good versions of these I might try them myself.
In the end I ended up with leatherwood honey on the advice of Mr H. It was one of the first "Australian" things he tried around 30 years ago when he arrived here and it's something he still loves. I know Big Fil's quite partial to it himself.

My daughter Miss W has a friend, Miss K, visiting from Canada, and she brought me what seems like the perfect present ... maple syrup in the cutest maple leaf shaped glass jar.

That's got me thinking though about what I could give Miss K in return.

Apparently Miss K tried Vegemite and wasn't impressed ... judging by the priceless expression on her face.

But there must be another food I could give her that sums up Australia.

Any ideas what I could give her?


leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Perhaps some Australian bush spices?

Ms Counting her Calories said...

How about macadamias? I like to give Haigh's Australian collection chocolate. They're chocolates filled with Australian native ingredients, like Quandong and wild lime. They're very nice.

Bureaucrat said...

It's been about 2 months since I fled the grey nightmare of London - and since then, I've been eating Tim Tams everyday.

Anonymous said...

I like the Haigs idea, but how about something like the chocolate bilbys? Or maybe get some native ingredients from somewhere like The Paperbark Cafe?


Anonymous said...

The first things I thought of were macadamia nuts, but would second both Haigh's chocolates and Tim Tams. Something more unusual would be Castlemaine Rock.

Iron Man

Bureaucrat said...

on a geeky point, i'm surprised Miss K was able to get the bottle of syrup into Oz.

H.R. said...

Hmmm, as an American, who has not been to Australia, I am curious too about the food that defines Australia! Is there an Australian national dish? I think Australian lamb chops are famous, though of course they cannot be given as gifts to someone visiting from another country.

How about a nice home-cooked farewell dinner comprising of some Aussie delicacies paired with a nice bottle of Shiraz? That is not a gift per se but I, for one, would find it very endearing.

Bureaucrat said...

If she's into cooking, I like Leaf's suggestion of getting some herbs. Herbies brand herbs are top quality and have an amazing range. I can definitely recommend the Balmain and Rozelle blend (named after the suburbs in Sydney), which is fab on a roast chook.

Anonymous said...

A VB lol

RMIT Newintstudents said...

TIM TAMS are my fav

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