Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ume Sushi House, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

For a good old gossip and gross-out session, Ms P, Mr S and I had lunch at Ume Sushi House.

USH is located on Lt Bourke street, which has a mellow, laneway vibe. I've been to USH twice now, and it's quite popular with the nearby office workers - the food is great and fresh.

On this day, I got the unagi don (grilled eel). It was of above-average quality. A nice fillet of eel, egg roll (which had the Japanese characters imprinted on it - I loved this little touch) and pickled root veg. Quite a good serving size and price (by memory I think it was about $11).

Mr S got an entree of spring rolls and a fairly decent-sized chicken curry with rice.

While Ms P got katsu bento box, which was also quite a generous serve.

Food - 8
Service - 7
Ambience - 8
Price - 8

I quite like the food here. Definitely one of the better Japanese restaurants in the CBD. Good value, range and serving sizes! It's very easy to see why USH is popular. Also, when it's a sunny day, it's really nice to sit at the tables on the pavement.

Ume Sushi House
385 Little Bourke St
Melbourne 3000
Telephone: 03 9670 0308

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