Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grill'd, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

Since I've been away in the depressing fog that is London, I've missed eating the burgers at Grill'd. I miss the impressive height, the fresh ingredients, the big range of flavours and the fact that they have gluten-free buns.

Field of Dreams burger

Before I went away, I had been wanting to take Mother Hen and Mr Strong to Grill'd, but alas, time just slipped by and it wasn't until I got back did I have the chance to share the Grill'd burgers with them.  In the past eight or so weeks, I've eaten ate Grill'd about 4-5 times...that's how much I love their burgers.

On this occassion, I ordered a Mighty Melbourne (beef burger with avo, bacon, egg, beetroot, cos lettuce, relish and mayo) and a side of small chips for Mr Strong. Impressive height - I think one of the things that makes a burger good is how much ingredients that's been piled onto the bun. Mr Strong liked the burger and was impressed how substantial it was.

I went for the Baa Baa Burger (lamb pattie, with avo, cheese, relish and herbed mayo on a gluten-free bun). A lovely grilled lamb pattie, which was juicy and perfectly cooked.

Although pricey, I do like the chips. Thickly cut and seasoned with herbs. And although they're fried, they're not at all greasy, and actually tastes like they've been roasted in the oven.

And on a separate occasion where I had to stay late at work, I went and got a burger for my dinner. This time, I got the Field of Dreams - a big-ass field mushroom w char-grilled capsicum, basil pesto, cheese and mayo (see first pic). For those who poo-poo the vegetarian option and think that it's some sort of hippy mung-beans and lettuce no-fun burger, this will change your mind! The grilled mushroom is 'meaty' enough to make you willingly forgo the animal-based burgers. A generous serve of the char-grilled capsicums and the pesto and mayo really complements the mushroom. Another reason why I like this veggie option, is that I can feel virtuous and I can tell Mother Hen that I've had my two veg for the day.

Food - 9
Service - 7
Ambience - 7
Price - 7.5

Love the burgers! My personal goal is to systematically try all the burgers (beef, chicken, lamb, steak and the veggie ones, and also the salads (I saw some really nice grilled steak salads on other tables)). There's about 25 burgers and salads on far, I've tried about six of them...19 to go! I also like the fact that you can get the burgers as take away.

The only nitpicky thing I would say is that the sides (chips and drinks) are a wee bit pricey (and they charge for sauces... I mean, c'mon on), and the music is a bit loud - you kinda have to shout above the music to get heard.

222 Lonsdale St
Qv Centre
Melbourne 3000
Telephone: 9663 0399

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