Sunday, May 22, 2011

Restaurant Morris, Vienna by Bureaucrat

With my blood sugar levels plummeting, and also getting tres vexed with navigating through the streets of Vienna, we picked the first reasonably-priced restaurant that we came across for dinner.

And it was Restaurant Morris somewhere in the city. I tried to take a photo of the exterior which didn't turn out very well. But imagine a cobbled laneway with pedestrians meandering and al fresco dining with tea light candles on the tables.

I was keen to try the goulash with spaetzle. I've read/seen alot of about spaetzle but never had the chance to try it. Irregular bits of dumpling/pasta dough. Not unlike gnocchi but without the potato. Bland in flavour but it help mop up the delicious goulash gravy. The beef was tender and the gravy was rich in flavour, although I felt was a tad salty for my liking. While the serving size didn't look that generous, it was surprisingly filling.

The Lawyer got the chicken schnitzel which had a light crispy batter and a tender and moist fillet. It also came with a bowl of the weird salad that you find in central/eastern European restaurants.

Service was a tad slow, but friendly. There was a little pressure from the staff for us to order alcohol, which I found a bit annoying. The food was reasonable and I got what I wanted, which was to try spaetzle.

Restaurant Morris
Annagasse 5
1010 Wien
Telephone: 01 5125146


denis said...

Food was not bad. But felt like being stolen when paying at the end. Although the menu was advertised cheap, the bottle of water 0.75 cl was 6.4 euro and the bread that was "offered" with the soup was finally charged 3.9€. A real scandal. Not to be recommended.

Bureaucrat said...

living in london and traveling through europe has taught me that they never give anything for free.

unless you specify that you want tap water, they'll bring out bottled water. and as you found out, over charge for it! ditto with bread.

you should read my review of a restaurant when we went to Barcelona... lots of additional stuff was offered. strangely enough, only some of the 'free' stuff was charged.

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