Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eissalon am Schwedenplatz, Vienna by Bureaucrat

I was aware that Vienna had alot of cafes and cake and chocolate shops. But I didn't know that ice cream cafes are also very popular.

Going by most of the guidebooks, we went to one of the establishment ice creameries - Eissalon Am Schwedenplatz. Like most of the ice creameries, EAS took up half the block, was full of people either doing takeaways or dining in for ice creams.

We opted for takeaway. There seems to be a perpetual crowd of people getting takeaway. Despite the craziness of the hungry crowds, you are served quite quickly by the very efficient staff.

The Lawyer got the pistachio and mango flavours.

While I got vanilla and yoghurt-strawberry flavours.

So how was it? It was good ice cream, but that's about it. This wasn't luxury ice cream - rather it is a decent, middle-range place for some ice cream. There are other similar places in the neighbourhood, which looked more fancy (if I had known about the other places earlier, I would have gone to them instead).

Eissalon am Schwedenplatz
Franz Josefs-Kai 17
A-1010 Wien
Telephone: 01 53 31 996

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