Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tapa Tapa, Barcelona by Bureaucrat

On our last day, we took a stroll up the Passeig de Gracia - the main street in Barcelona. Drizzling rain and tummies rumbling, we decided to have breakfast/mid-morning snack at Tapa Tapa.

Being located in a tourist area, I get the feeling that TT is a touristy eatery but one that is feels safe to try (safe in terms of food and price).

Inside, TT has a bright, airy, cafe feel.

The Lawyer ordered the coffee with croissant, which he ate without comment.

I ordered a cup of tea and an anchovy and brie baguette. This was very morish - so much so that I ordered another one after the Lawyer stole one too many bites. The nice fat anchovy, which wasn't overly salty, contrasted well with the creamy brie. The baguette was fresh and had a pleasing crunchy olive oil exterior.

Feeling greedy, we ordered the fritata baguette (egg and potato). Normally I'm not that impressed with fritatas (being boring and bland), but this actually tasted nice and wasn't too starchy when paired with the baguette.

A nice place for a pick-me-up. While it's a touristy place, it wasn't over-priced and had enough Spanish dishes but made accessible to tourists. Also, a great location for watching the world pass by the gorgeous buildings.

Tapa Tapa
Passeig de Gracia, 44
08007 Barcelona
Telephone: 934 883 369

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