Thursday, February 24, 2011

STREAT, Melbourne CBD by Snooze

Big Fil, Ms Counting her Calories and I visited the STREAT food cart on the strength of Ms Counting's fondness for burritos. Alas, the menu had changed only a few weeks earlier in favour of gourmet sandwiches, but that in no way dampened our enthusiasm for supporting STREAT itself (which is fondly known as "calories with a conscience" by us).

For those who haven't heard of STREAT, it's a social enterprise providing homeless youth with a supported pathway to long-term careers in the hospitality industry. STREAT runs street cafes in Melbourne where youth get their hospitality training. Our food is inspired by street hawker food from around the world. There's another in Melbourne Central, serving drinks and pastries that I pass each day on the way to work.

The menu board showed four options to choose from but with no takers for the grilled Mediterranean veggies with sheep's milk fetta and the Moroccan chicken off the menu for the day, the three of us chose from the two remaining options. I was disappointed about the chicken because that definitely would have been my choice.

Both Big Fil and I chose the Korean soy and honey braised pork with toasted sesame and kimchi. The choice of ingredients sounded lovely together but unfotunately in the execution the pork was bland and that let the sandwich down. Not something I'd try again.

Ms Counting chose the slow roasted Argentinian beef, smoked paprika mayo, pickled red onion and Chimichurri sauce. I was a little jealous of Ms Counting's choice as the beef was much tastier. I especially liked the red onion as it cut through the meat and sauces.

STREAT's such a worthy cause it's hard not to feel enthusiastic and want to support it. Unfortunately the sandwiches didn't live up to their title "Gourmet", despite the obvious thought that went into them and their being made up fresh on the spot.

Food - 6.5
Service - 7
Ambience - 7
Price - 7

St Paul's Court, Federation Sq
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: 0425 058 724

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