Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ah King, England by Bureaucrat

One isn't exactly spoilt for choice around the Holborn area for dining.

Craving Chinese for lunch one day, Ms G and I decided to give Ah King a go - perhaps the only Chinese restaurant in the area. On the outside, it's not an impressive sight - a nondescript, dark exterior.

Inside, it's dark but it's not as dodgy as the exterior might make it seem. Lots of dark brown furniture, a big flat screen tv that's got a cheesy 80's karaoke tracks playing.

For entrees, Ms G ordered the rather retro sesame prawn toasts. Extra kitsch factor - the heart-shaped toasties. Ms G liked it.

For me, I ordered another daggy but comforting dish - the sweet corn and egg soup. It's been a very long time since I've had this. Good amount of corn, but generously thickened with corn starch.

For mains, Ms G ordered the pad thai, and asked for it be made vegetarian. This was a bit disappointing for Ms G - it tasted overly sweet. I think for both of us, the pad thai at Saigon in Greenwich (see one of my other posts) is still definitely the benchmark in terms of size, taste and price.

I had the Singaporean noodles. This was good. Good mix of bbq meats, scrambled egg, spring onions and beanshoots. Good serving size and not too oily.

You can't fault it for a cheap meal. The lunch deal is about 6 pounds for two courses. The food was alright - not bad, but nothing exceptional. A place where it's purely transactional - you go in, you eat, you leave. Ms G and I agreed that it was good to know that this place existed near work but we'd only go there again if we were craving Chinese.

Ah King
31-33 Bloomsbury Way
London WC1A 2SA
Telephone: 020 7404 8359

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