Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fat Dog Cafe, Rotorua (NZ) by Big Fil

The Fat Dog Café is somewhere we visit for breakfast every time we go to Rotorua. Located on the main road to and from Auckland; its big, its bold, and its got a big fat dog on the front.

The first time we visited it was the name which drew me in. I love dogs and it's a very cute name for a café. It's also a really nice spot inside. Lots of warm colours, wooden chairs and comfy couches, and a big chalkboard listing the day's menu.

It also sells t-shirts and hoodies. Only problem is, $40 for a t-shirt seems like a lot to me, even with the exchange rate well and truly in our favour. While I always walk in thinking this will be the time I finally buy my Fat Dog t-shirt, the price has always put me off so far.

One thing which is much more common in New Zealand than here is selling hot chocolate not by the cup but by the bowl. To me this is a really weird concept as it's kind of hard to drink, certainly more so than a big mug. So if I don't like it how did I end up with a bowl? I don't know if it's the default option but when I asked for a hot chocolate that's how it came. It looked pretty with the marshmallows and sprinkles though.

For once Hungry Pete decided not to go for the breakfast waffles so it was my chance to indulge. That was a big mistake on Hungry Pete's part. Probably not the best for you but generous in size and delicious. Best of all were the blueberries, which were huge and very different to the fairly tasteless ones you normally get in Australia. Pete complained that the first time he didn't go for the waffles or pancakes I get the best we had for the whole trip. Hee hee.

On the other hand, despite looking fairly ordinary Hungry Pete's big breakfast was apparently above average. I didn't pay much attention to it though, smugly enjoying my waffles.

Love the Fat Dog café. A nice place to eat with personality and good food, even if it is slightly pricey and service is a bit indifferent.

1161 Arawa Street
Rotorua New Zealand

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