Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cafe Rouge, England by Bureaucrat

For lunch one day, Mr M and I went to Cafe Rouge - a brasserie, chain French restaurant.

Inside, CR is decorated in a stereotypical 'French' style - think faux gold highlights, round tables with wicker chairs, cute/quaint paintings and drawings. The staff are smartly dressed in black with long white aprons.

Mr M ordered the steak with frites and the melted garlic butter sauce (which he poured the entire pot over the steak). It looked like a heart attack on a plate, but Mr M devoured it all.

I ordered the salmon fish cake with wilted spinach. This took quite a while to come out - I had to ask the waiters when it would arrive. The manager said that given the size of the fish cake that it takes longer to cook.

When it did come out, I could see why - it was huge! Given the size, it was pleasing to note that the fish was perfectly cooked inside - moist and not dry (or undercooked). There was a high salmon to mash potato ratio, which is always a good thing in my books. The cream sauce was quite rich. I would have preferred it if the sauce was served separately.

The food was average. Nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't rave-worthy. Service was a bit slow, especially given that we arrived early (before 12.30pm). Lunch took over an hour - I would have thought that CR would have geared up for lunchtime diners.

Perhaps the place is better for a light lunch or afternoon snack, when one has the time to linger.

Cafe Rouge
7 Kingsway
Holborn WC2B 6SR
Telephone: 0207 430 1416

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Greg said...

That is an amazing looking fish pie, I was in a Cafe Rouge London the other day and was debating whether or not to order it. Unfortunately I couldn't see anyone else with it in the restaurant, and I always take waitrons' descriptions of things with a pinch of salt. Definitely next time though.

Bureaucrat said...

The fish cake was pretty good, but having said that Mr M and I both had food envy. The table next to us were tucking into a steak sandwich (Mr M had his eye on that), while I would have traded my fish pie with the quiche Lorraine.

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