Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ding Hao, South Australia by Big Fil

Ding Hao is a bit of a Gouger Street favourite for me. I've been there a few times over the last three or four years and it's yet to let medown. There is nothing stunningly good or fancy about it but I've yet to receive a bad meal here, the service has always been efficient and the prices quite reasonable.

It's usually best to book ahead if you intend to go to Ding Hao for yum cha, but when we visited just before 6pm on a Tuesday night only two other tables were in use. While the fit out isn't as flash as some of the newer restaurants in the area, it's still one of the better more established restaurants. Not quite upmarket but not aiming for the more student or office worker quick lunch section of the market either.

Given there were just the two of us we went for three main dishes. Salt and pepper tofu is one of my favourite dishes. I like the slight heat and saltiness of the spices used and the contrasting textures between the lightly fried slightly crisp outside and the softer inner tofu. A very 'moreish' dish and this was quite a good version.

Hungry Pete and I both wanted a vegetable dish so we went for the Monks Vegetable Hotpot. This was very good, full of bok choy and mushrooms, the vegetables nicely crispy. Probably the dish of the day.

On the other hand the Aniseed smoked duck was also very good. Unlike the smoked duck of the previous night this was moist and fleshy, with a rich but not too heavy duck flavour. The only thing missing was the buns to wrap the meat in, although you can order these separately.

Good, solid dining option with no weaker elements. The food is good, it's a nice spot to eat and the price is reasonable. If you plan a visit during a busy period I'd suggest you book, but outside of these periods there shouldn't be any problem getting a table.

Food - 7.5
Service - 7
Ambience - 7
Price - 7

26 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Tel: (08) 8211 7036

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