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Falaise Rouge, Mauritius by Obelix

Falaise means cliff and Falaise Rouge, perched on the cliff’s edge, is built on red soil, hence the rouge, I think. I noticed red gritty sand on the car mats after our lunch there and I’m drawing my own conclusions.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, chicken and prawn curry
Chicken and prawn curry

The setting is nothing short of magical. We were there on a drizzly day and instead of the rain putting a dampener on the experience, it heightened its mystique. I’ll pop a few photos below of the surrounding sea and mountain views.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius
Every angle captures something beautiful to behold: whether it was the sugar cane fields, a swing that was whimsically hung from the bough of a tree, or a cannon steeped in history.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, calamari
The meal itself was delightful. It was Creole fare. We started with fresh calamari and you could really taste the difference between a fresh and frozen calamari. This one had flavour. I think it ruined me for life as I cannot enjoy frozen calamari after this.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, entrees
We also ordered to share a plate of nibblies - gateaux piment (chilli cakes), gateaux arouille (taro balls) and samosas. Deep fried heaven.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, venison vindaye
Venison vindaye

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, rice and lentil soup
Rice and lentil soup

I am a big fan of vindaye, a turmeric based dish and could not go past the venison vindaye. It was served warm versus the traditional cold fish vindaye, along with coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and rice & lentil soup.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, venison steak
My dad was also keen on venison and he opted for a venison steak which came with chips and salad.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, sausage rougaille
P’s dish was perhaps the most fragrant. It was a sausage rougaille. The sausage tasted very similar to a smoky chorizo. It also came with the accompaniment of rice, lentils and chutney.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, vegetarian curry
Kiddo went vegetarian. Her curry was served alongside palm heart salad.

My mum decided on a chicken and prawn curry (see first pic). The chicken was falling off the bone tender.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius, bread and dip
We also had some bread and dips to start with.

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius

Falaise Rouge, Mauritius


We really liked it
We really liked it.


Falaise Rouge is more than an eatery, it’s a site to visit in its own right. Allow yourself time to enjoy the scenery. The service was exemplary. We arrived at 10.30am for brunch not knowing they are not formally open until noon. But the kitchen opened for us and knocked up that wonderful meal. I think my dad summed it up perfectly for all of us. He was gazing out from the lunch table towards the rain hazy ocean, “it’s beautiful,” he marvelled.

Find it at

Falaise Rouge
B28, Mahebourg
Phone: +230 634 0440

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