Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham by Obelix

It would be just my luck to pick the hottest most humid day to go gastro-motoring with friends in their restored Corvette sans air con.  Even though I looked and felt like a steamed bun, I had, rather my taste buds had, a wonderful time at The Plough in Trentham.

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, charcuterie board
We started with a charcuterie board replete with slices of terrine; pate; little nuggets of fried cubes of beef, and the usual suspects of crusty bread, salami and pickles. The terrine was melt-in-your-mouth smooth and the beef cubes were moreish.

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, dips
We also ordered a trio of dips as well but that wasn't really necessary as the charcuterie board came with tzatziki and caramelised onion which all could be served with bits of toast.

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, slow cooked steak
My main was stellar.  I ordered a 36-hour slow-cooked blade steak with mash, peas, mushrooms and red wine sauce.  Whilst it wasn't all that pretty to look at, slow-cooked meat is often not, the flavours were so rich and mellow.  I could have this every day and not get sick of it.

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, lamb shoulder
J ordered herself a Parwan Valley lamb shoulder with Dutch carrots, mint and tomato and zucchini ragu.

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, porterhouse steak
Porterhouse steak

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, eye fillet steak
Eye fillet steak

The boys went a steak a piece.  One an eye fillet and the other a porterhouse.  P declared it to be the best steak he has had in Victoria (he consumes a lot of steak, so that's really saying something).

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, chips
Since we were in Trentham, the land of spuds, it would be remiss to not order the local speciality. P insisted on fries with his steak.  Too bad it wasn't potato growing season as I would have loved to bring home some seed potatoes to plant in my garden.

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, ice cream
I was too stuffed to even contemplate dessert but J somehow managed to squeeze one in.  From memory, this was an ice cream type concoction with bits of honeycomb and candied nuts.  I couldn't even look at it properly, nor make note of what it was, as I was too full as I had descended into a food coma, with the blood draining from my brain into my stomach.

The Plough @ Trentham, Trentham, peppermint tea
I did however to aid digestion, order myself a peppermint tea.


We loved it
We loved it.


The Plough @ Trentham is well worth the drive up from Melbourne.  When in Rome, erhm, Trentham, steak and potatoes in some shape and form is a must. There is also a bar and beer garden in addition to the bistro.  The service was cheerful and hospitable.

Find it at

The Plough @ Trentham
31 High Street
Trentham VIC 3458
Phone: 03 5424 1144

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