Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jonker Street Taste of Malaysia, Doncaster East by Obelix

Named after the Jonker Walk Melaka Night Market in Malaysia, Jonker Street Taste of Malaysia in Doncaster East serves up hawker stall cuisine for Melbournians.  It has become the regular place for Kiddo and I to go there for lunch after our haircuts in Jackson Square. Whilst there are a la carte items for sharing (similar to a Chinese restaurant), Kiddo and I would typically just order a stand alone rice or noodle dish for lunch.

Jonker Street Restaurant, Doncaster East, char kwai teoh
I would highly recommend their char kwai teoh.  Full of 'wok hai', that smoky breath of the wok flavour, and it is loaded with Chinese sausage 'lap cheong' and lots of baby clams.  Yum!  I prefer Jonker Street's char kwai teoh over Pappa Rich's any day.  It is Kiddo's standing order.

Jonker Street Restaurant, Doncaster East, nasi lemak with beef rendang
I decided to branch out and try their nasi lemak with beef rendang.  I'm on the fence about this one.  Whilst the rendang was aromatically flavoured with shards of fresh lemongrass strewn throughout, the texture of the beef itself was a bit disconcerting.  I'm not sure what cut of beef it was, but it had odd gelatinous fatty layers, similar to a pork belly.  If it was pork belly, I would have guzzled up the meat wholeheartedly, however as I have never encountered such a cut of beef, I was perplexed and found myself worrying about its origins.  The rest of the nasi lemak was delightful - from its sambal (sweet with a hint of heat); fried anchovies and coconut rice.


We liked it
We liked it (we really liked the char kwai teoh)
Mid value
Mid value.


Jonker Street Taste of Malaysia is a family friendly diner offering standard Chinese fare as well as hawker stall dishes.  Don't expect fancy tableware.  It is a quick in/out joint with fairly solid offering.

Find it at

Jonker Street Taste of Malaysia
84 Jackson Court
Doncaster East 3109
Phone: 03 9939 4596

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