Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, Box Hill by Obelix

Posts of shopping centre eateries don't normally feature on our blog but Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom is worth a post. It is a vegan eatery that is flavourful and cheap. Ding, ding! (that's me attempting sound effects of boxes being ticked). When P introduced me to Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, I was almost hyperventilating with excitement. I do often try to eat vegetarian (sometimes) and since becoming dairy intolerant, I have been disappointed that many vegetarian offerings include delicious cheese and cream, all the forbidden foods. So a vegan find and a cheap one at that is very thrilling in my world. 

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, Box Hill
So what's on offer? There's a bain marie of hot foods - various stir fries served with fried rice.

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, Box Hill, black bean tofu with fried rice
P ordered himself a black bean tofu with fried rice. Kiddo nabbed most of the fried rice and we had to ordered another one. The fried rice had bits of mushroom and nuts - good sources of protein.

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, Box Hill, Asian pasties
There was also a station which made Asian style 'pasties'. These were little dough parcels with veggies inside. I ordered myself a zucchini one (came with tofu and black fungus) and a carrot one (had rice vermicelli as well). Both delicious. I preferred the zucchini one more as I found the carrot one a little too sweet. I wondered whether they added sugar to the carrot one or whether it was made with just naturally sweet carrots. These pasties were $5 for two. Bargain! I ordered another pair to take to work the following day. Just heated it in the sandwich press.

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, Box Hill, cold hand-cut noodles
For next time, I have already earmarked the cold hand cut noodles. The noodles are cut upon order and you get a choice of condiments. I've already envisioned mine with chilli oil and a good sprinkling of coriander. Yum in anticipation.

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, Box Hill, soy milk
I did try their sugar free soy milk. Very nice and did not provoke an allergic reaction. I have noticed some of the less salubrious establishments in Box Hill dilute their soy milk drinks with cow's milk as I have experienced full blown allergic reactions after consumption. But the Blissful Station ones were fine.

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, Box Hill

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom, Box Hill


We loved it
We loved it.
Cheap eats
Cheap eats.


Blissful Station is a cheap and cheerful vegan takeaway spot. My new go-to for tasty vegan meals that is easy on the pocket.

Find it at

Blissful Station Vegan Wisdom
Box Hill Central Shopping Centre
22/1 Main Street
Box Hill VIC 3128
Phone: 9890 9696

Blissful Station Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Anonymous said...

I think the owner felt sorry for his wife, who is vegan. He owns 4 other outlets in the food court. Plus he just opened up Ms Bean, vegan also. I think it's sweet he would do that for his wife. (Why do I know? You ask. Box hill and I are liKe vegemite and cheese - we're always together❤️

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Aww, what a romantic story! Thanks for the inside scoop - gotta check out Ms Bean next time.

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