Sunday, May 14, 2017

Crema Sutra, Mount Waverley by Bureaucrat

Loyal readers of the blog would know that I've been loving the new cafes that have been sprouting up in the Mount Waverley village.  Both Son of Tucci and Curator 23 have impressed me in terms of food, service and for adding more modern cafe dining options in the village.  Crema Sutra is another cafe in the village.  I took Ms H there hoping to show her that the 'burbs can put on brunch as good as one you'd find in an inner-city suburb. Sadly, Crema Sutra didn't deliver the goods - brunch was disappointing and we both didn't feel like finishing our dishes.

Crema Sutra, Mount Waverley, berry pancakes
My berry pancakes were a bit of mess - visually and tastewise.  The pancakes itself and the berry compote were overly sweet.  And while I do love the Connoisseur brand caramel and honey macadamia ice cream, when it is paired with the already sweet pancakes it made the whole dish rather sickly sweet... it almost gave the impression that a child had come up with the combinations of flavours.  The soft chewiness of the coconut shavings didn't add as much texture to the dish as I'd hoped - the soft pancakes, soft fruits, soft ice cream and the soft and chewy coconut just did not work.  The only thing that was good about the dish was the fresh fruit garnish.

Crema Sutra, Mount Waverley, smashed avo
Ms G's smashed avo and goat's cheese toast wasn't impressive either.  Just something about the presentation of it looks kinda off - it all looked flat and smushed-up.  Ms G wasn't thrilled with the taste - we think the avo had a drizzle of truffle oil which gave it an over-powerful earthiness that didn't suit the dish.


We wouldn't return
We wouldn’t return.
Mid value
Mid value.


Hmm... Crema Sutra needs to lift its game if it wants to mimic the success of nearby cafes.  I can't say that I'd be coming back in a hurry.

Find it at

Crema Sutra
9 Hamilton Walk
Mount Waverley VIC 3149
Phone: 0403 452 004

Crema Sutra Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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