Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mum's Dumplings, Balwyn by Obelix

Having a reliable dumpling source is a necessity for when those hankerings hit and one is far from the Madding dumpling crowd of Box Hill, CBD, etc. In my mission to establish such source, I tried out Mum's Dumplings in Balwyn. 

Mum's Dumplings offer Shanghainese fare. The dumplings are made on premises and whilst they also do claypot dishes and stock standard Chinese dishes, it would be remiss to go to a dumpling house and not have dumplings.

pan fried vegetarian dumplings;  mums dumplings
So dumplings we had. Kiddo and I ordered between us a serve of the vegetarian pan fried dumplings and the steamed version.

steamed vegetarian dumplings;  mums dumplings

steamed vegetarian dumplings;  mums dumplings
As vegetarian dumplings go, these were considered quite lovely. It had a considerable medley of veg of chives, cabbage, mushrooms and carrot. I say "quite" lovely because, tasty it certainly was but I had an awful MSG-sy after burn on my tongue. So whilst it was lovely at the time of eating, I couldn't get past the thirst afterwards.

vegetarian spring rolls;  mums dumplings
We also had a serve of the vegetarian spring rolls.  These were substantial and filled with cabbage and carrot (not a bad thing).

shanghainese noodles;  mums dumplings
And in case there was not enough carbs, a serve of the Shanghai fried noodles. These were thick cut noodles with plenty of soy sauce and the odd bit of bok choy in between. This was a bit bland and would have been nice with a serve of chilli oil.  

chinkiang vinegar;  mums dumplings
Speaking of condiments, one could not have dumplings without vinegar to cut through the grease, aid digestion.  In this scenario, it calls for the ghetto strength, Ching Kiang vinegar.  No wussy red vinegar with ginger shards afloat here.  Ching Kiang is dark and robust.  They have a massive industrial sized bottle of it at the self serve cutlery counter.  I made do with my bottle at home as we did take away.  


We liked it
We liked it.


Mum's Dumplings is a passable dumpling joint.  The dumpling wrappers are thin and expertly wrapped, the fillings tasty.  The only downer is the MSG factor but if you don't mind consuiming that stuff, then that's not a problem.  Service is quick (well at least when I went but I've heard mixed reviews about service time).

Find it at

Mum's Dumplings
363 Whitehorse Road
Balwyn VIC 3103
Phone: 9836 2951

Mums Dumplings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Anonymous said...

For another out of Box Hill madness venue, there is also a dumpling place on Canterbury Rd in Blackburn worth a try

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Hi Nean, I know the one, near Tatsing Chinese grocers, right? We had dinner there, it was pretty good but forgot to take pics!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...
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