Thursday, December 31, 2015

Three Monkeys Place, Doncaster East by Obelix

M has been urging me to try Three Monkeys Place for awhile now.  It's relatively new addition to Jackson Square in Doncaster East.  Boasting a large al fresco courtyard at the back, it was a logical place to have our get together with the kiddies in tow.

three monkeys place;  soft shell crab;  burger;  cafe;  jacksons square
M went for an old favourite, Mr Hermit Crab burger.  Soft shell crab on a charcoal brioche with a apple slaw of sorts.  It was beautiful food styling.  The crab kept whole, creeping out of it's shell of a brioche bun.  The plate aquatic blue.  Little tendrils of salad mimicking seaweed delicately strewn.  It was a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate.

three monkeys place; burger;  cafe;  jacksons square
I went for the popular choice of Charlie's burger.  This was a pork and beef pattie served with a side of beer battered chips.  I've been going mainly pescatarian for several months now.  I felt a sudden urge for red meat and thought I shall break my meat fast with this burger.  I'm not sure whether I've just lost my taste for meat with my spell of relative vegetarianism, but it didn't really hit the spot for me.  The pattie was a bit dense which suggested it was more filler aka breadcrumbs versus the juicy meat pattie I was expecting.  Good burgers should drip juice down one's wrists whilst gorging but this one was very dry.

three monkeys place; squid ink pasta;  cafe;  jacksons square
Kiddo went for the Black Pasta with Clams.  The squid ink pasta was beautifully jet black.  Kiddo rated it.  She ate the whole bowl.  She reported it was oily but I suspect it was the olive oil drizzled on top.  It was a generous serve of clams.

three monkeys place; burger;  cafe;  jacksons square
Kiddo's friends went for toasted sandwiches filled with ham and fried egg.  For a kid's meal, it was lovingly made with sourdough and proper sunny side up eggs.

three monkeys place;  cafe;  jacksons square
M rates the barrista here and she ordered her routine latte.  I went for the Chai latte.  It was slightly on the tepid side.  It would have been nicer if it was hotter as the spices would really have the opportunity to sing.

three monkeys place; burger;  cafe;  jacksons square
The well decorated courtyard replete with fairy lights, Christmas baubles and all.  With Kiddo studiously studying the menu.


We liked it.


Three Monkeys Place is ideal for a catch up with friends.  Spacious and comfortable.  Whilst I wasn't particularly blown away by my burger and chai latte, the other items we ordered were well executed.  So I am open to returning and trying something else on the menu.

Find it at

Three Monkeys Place
2 Jacksons Court
Doncaster East 3109
Telephone: 8528 4214

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