Friday, November 13, 2015

Alfa Bakery, Seddon by Obelix

Seddon has really blossomed into quite a happening place in the last few years, particularly down Victoria St and surrounds.  I was pleasantly surprised when asked by a friend, J, to meet her for lunch there to find a hub of inviting cafes; doggie paraphernalia shops; organic produce shops and other curio shops lining the strip.  I was even more awed by the wonderful graffiti adorning the walls at each street corner.  It was obviously endorsed and planned graffiti as it depicted the name of each shop on the corner in techni-colour pictorial but it demonstrated a collective artistic spirit to be found in the area.  We were spoilt for choice when it came to picking a place for lunch.  Eventually we settled on Alfa Bakery as the seating appeared roomy enough to accommodate my friend with her bub.

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Being an unseasonably warm Spring day, we both ordered freshly squeezed OJ to quench our thirst from nosey poking in the surrounding shops ($5).

chips, calamari, seafood, alfa, bakery, cafe, brunch, lunch, seddon
Not in the mood for eggs and other brunch offerings, we both ordered a greasy fry up.  Me, I went for the dukkah calamari with chips, aioli and salad ($17). I was a bit disappointed with my calamari.  It lacked seasoning and there was the merest dusting of dukkah but not enough to provide any taste.  The calamari itself, abeit was tender, it lacked any seafood flavour which would suggest to me that it had spent too long in the deep freeze.

fish and chips, alfa, bakery, seddon
J went for similar chips and salad however with battered barramundi ($17). J thought her barra was battered a bit too thickly and had antcipated more of a crumbed coating.

We both enjoyed our chips, they were crunchy with what appears to be some sort of double coating going on for extra crunch.


We liked it.


Alfa is a family friendly cafe.  Service was prompt and attentive.  The food a bit hit and miss in some aspects.

Find it at

Alfa Bakery
97 Victoria St
Seddon 3011

Alfa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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