Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rice Workshop, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

I love Rice Workshop.  It's such great value and it's consistently good.  When I first discovered it, I went there three times that week (twice for lunch, once for dinner). 

My absolute favourite dish is the pork katsu don - a juicy piece of pork, with a perfectly crispy and thin batter.  There's no gristle and has just enough of fat to make it moreish.  Served in a bowl of short grain rice, drizzled with kewpie mayo and teriyaki sauce.  I love the extra bits of sliced spring onions and toasted seaweed. It's finished offer with fresh salad and pickled veg.  The the above size is a small and is less than ten bucks.  It's the perfect size for me for lunch. 

For a few dollars more, the Lawyer tried the unagi (grilled eel).  It's a shame that many Japanese restaurants either don't have it on the menu or they have a really, really crappy version of this.  This was an okay version.  A good amount of eel for the price.

I've also tried the pork curry katsu.  It's nice but since I'm not a fan of Japanese curry sauces, this was never going to 'wow' me.

I've also tried the chicken katsu don.  This was also nice, but I much prefer the pork version.

Verdict: we loved it

I really love this place.  Quick, tasty and relatively healthy (as far as food court options goes).

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Laura said...

I walked past the other day! Will have to stop next time.

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Worth checking out! It's my favourite option in the Emporium food court.

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