Sunday, February 15, 2015

Burger Edge, Prahran by Bureaucrat

With a voucher in hand, Ms H and I fronted up to Burger Edge for a cheap lunch.  Clearly we both had the same thing mind as we both ordered the classic beef burger and chips.

The burgers are cooked to order but although there wasn't that many people around, we still had to wait longer than I thought we had to.  But when our burgers were ready, they looked impressive.  Tall, with a thick patty and fresh, crisp salad.  While Ms H really liked the burger, I thought it only okay.  Certainly it's big but that was the only thing going for the burger.  The patty didn't have gristle but it had an odd compressed, manufactured texture to it.  The standout was the chips.  Lovely and crispy and golden and fluffy, they were yum.

Verdict: we wouldn't return.

While I really like the chips I wouldn't go back for the burger.  In terms of burger chains, Grill'd still remains my favourite go-to place.

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