Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ric's Grill, Calgary (Canada) by Bureaucrat

Recently, I hopped on a plane with the Lawyer with our sights set for Canada, eh?  So for the next few posts, I’ll be sharing with you some of the meals that we ate along our way across Alberta and British Columbia.

Having arrived in Calgary, we made a beeline to our hotel, which was very close to the airport.  As our tour trip started at the airport the next day and the fact that we were too zonked from the 24 hour journey, we only ate at our hotel.  Fortunately, the food here was better than expected (as hotel restaurants can be so hit-or-miss). Our first meal at Ric’s Grill was a very late lunch and we sat in the bar area.  Our friendly waitress took our orders and shortly after our meals arrived.

First impression is that the serves are big!  The good impressions continued, as the food was fresh and tasty.  My fisherman's sandwich was quite yummy.  A meaty fillet of pan-seared cod w white wine, served with tartar sauce, lettuce, dill pickles and aioli on toasted bun.  The sanger includes a  choice of fries, soup or salad.  I went for the house salad which was mesclun leaves, fresh pears and candied walnuts.  The fish was fresh and juicy and every came together quite nicely – this ain’t just a typical bland fish sandwich that you find at most places.  It was light, healthy but filling - quite impressive for $15. 

The Lawyer went for the New Orleans jambalaya ($22).  A deep dish of rice with a quite a reasonable amount of fresh prawns, scallops, fish, chicken and chorizo.  He was quite happy with his meal.

A nap and a few hours later, we made our way downstairs to the restaurant for dinner – this time we sat in the main dining area.  As we decided on what to order, we were served some warm bread with whipped butter.

The Lawyer got the top sirloin (6 oz) w crispy onion.  It was served w seasonal veg and a choice of stuffed potato, chef's potato or fries ($23). 

Thinking that it’ll only be mostly bone, I went for the ribs as I wanted a light dinner.  How wrong was I!  The two slabs of ribs were massive and were incredibly meaty.  I forget how much this was but it was great value given the size of the ribs!  Incredibly tender beef which had a lovely barbeque sauce.  I find most BBQ sauces to be quite sweet and/or have that artificial smoky flavour – this sauce was neither and was nicely savoury.  There was just too much meat and I had to enlist the Lawyer to help me eat three quarters of the ribs (much to his delight).  The veggies were fresh and al dente, and we loved the fries with the potato skin on.

Food – 8.5
Service – 8
Ambience – 7.5
Price – 8

A pretty good restaurant.  We were certainly happy with our meals – fresh ingredients, great flavours and healthy – everything that you want when you’re travelling.  Service is friendly and prompt.

Ric's Grill 
Radisson Hotel Calgary Airport
6620 36 St Northeast  
Calgary AB T3J 4C8
Telephone: (587) 350-8427

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