Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shizuku Ramen (by invitation), Abbotsford by Bureaucrat

While Victoria Street in Richmond is synonymous with Vietnamese cheap eats, Shizuku Ramen is leading a change with its impressive range of fusion Japanese share plates (lobster slider, Shoyu maple raw blue crab, grilled kingfish wings and wagyu beef king oyster mushroom, to name a few), killer ramen (including, a ramen burger) and craft beer. 

With a funked-up re-mixed Phil Collins in the background, sleek black d├ęcor and gold statement lights, Shizuku sets the scene for something that’s way more enjoyable and pleasant than the linoleum floors and plastic chairs get up of its neighbours.

A pot of green tea warmed our cold bones.  And to whet the appetite, we were provided with soy sauce seasoned popcorn, which is so much better than regular butter-salted popcorn as the soy sauce imparts that lovely umami flavour to the popped corn.

Guided by the friendly staff, we started our lunch with the cha shu souvlaki.  It’s filled with tender char-grilled pork belly, cucumber, leek, chilli mayo, sichimi wrapped in a thin pancake.  It came with a side of pickled root vegs.  Despite the presence of the chilli mayo and sichimi, it wasn’t too spicy – rather there’s a nice gentle kick.

As ramen is their speciality, we simply had to try it.  There’s about fourteen types of ramen to choose from.  I got the Shoyu ramen.  A generous bowl of piping hot ramen in the most delicious, flavoursome, soul-warming broth.  We were told that the broths are typically slow cooked for over 10 hours to get their rich, deep flavours.  The ramen itself is unlike any of that icky manufactured stuff that you buy in the shops.  This ramen was pleasantly chewy and had a nice texture to it.  It came with thinly sliced marinated cha shu pork belly, a perfectly soft-boiled egg (so golden and just a hint of gooeyness in the yolk), tender bamboo shoots, seaweed and spring onions.

As Beaker’s on a health mission to eat more fermented foods, she got the kimchi ramen.  Her broth was different in flavour to mine (more meaty in flavour), and her ramen came with kimchi, cha shu, chives and egg.  She quite liked her ramen.

Food - 8
Service – 8*
Ambience – 7.5
Price – 8*
* Scores are notional as we were guests of Shizuku Ramen.

Shizuku Ramen offers more variety for diners out for a meal on Victoria Street.  While I’ll be coming back to try more of the ramen, I have to say, the star of the bowl is the broth for me.  You just can’t get that depth of pure flavour anywhere. 

Of note is Shizuku’s excellent online booking process which is simple and gives you confidence – they send you a text and email confirmation and reminders for your booking.

Shizuku Ramen
309 Victoria Street
Abbotsford 3067
Telephone: 9995 8180

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