Saturday, November 16, 2013

David Jones Slider Bar, by Bureaucrat

Following my 'Talk and Taste' session on Pommery champagne at David Jones, I headed outside and round the corner to Union Lane where David Jones was having a pop-up slider bar.

Every Friday night in November, you can treat yourself to a juicy lamb or waygu beef burger from Peter Bouchier butchers.

In this atmospheric lane way, a production line of chefs are preparing some of the tastiest burgers that you'll ever eat.  It's all very Melbourne - a tucked-away lane way, graffiti on the walls, incredible wafts of meat being cooked...with pumping beats and booze on offer, to boot.

As a post-tipple snack, the Lawyer and I shared a lamb burger - spring lamb, pickled radish, wild rocket, mint mayo on a brioche bun.

Initially I was worried of how rare the lamb was.  This was a bit too pink for my liking.  However, I put my faith in the fact that it would taste okay (and I'd be okay afterwards) because a) it was David Jones, and b) the lamb was from Peter Bouchier.  And how glad I was that I did!  Meltingly tender lamb - no hint of gaminess or rawness - simply seasoned with salt and pepper.  It was a nice thick, juicy patty.  The crisp, pepperiness of the sliced radish and rocket gave it a nice contrast to the tender lamb.  The minty, creamy mayo and the buttery but light brioche added a lovely richness to the burger.  So incredibly moreish this was that we polished off the burger within a minute!

Food - 10
Ambiance - 7
Service - 7
Price – 10

A very delectable burger!  A reasonable size, incredible, fresh and top quality ingredients means that this burger is a steal at $10.  If it wasn't for the fact that we had dinner plans, we'd definitely would have gone back in line to order a burger each!  There's two more Fridays this month... better get in quick before you're too late.

David Jones Slider Bar
Union Lane
Melbourne CBD


obelix glutt said...

That is really good value for money. Looks delish

Bureaucrat said...

indeed it is.

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