Monday, October 7, 2013

The Servery, West Melbourne by Big Fil

The Servery is the older sibling to another restaurant which has recently opened near me, The Servery East.  Located underneath an apartment block in a tucked away part of West Melbourne, it's one of those places you are unlikely to come across by accident.  That's a pity, as with good cafe food and friendly service it's well worth a visit.

Despite being a school day Chewy and Ms No Meat both joined me for lunch.  Unlike most of my visits to different places with Snooze it wasn't a caring sharing type experience, so I can really only comment on my meal, the Portuguese chicken burger, one of the lunch items available from 11am.  The 'burger' comprised a large strip of marinated chicken rather than a chicken patty, with pineapple salsa (which really attracted me to order this burger) and avocado, served with chips on the side.

While very basic in appearance this burger is scrumdidilyumptious in taste.  The chicken was moist and well flavoured and the salsa added a touch of citric tang.  The bun is very much oldschool and not the brioche which is very much the flavour of the moment.  The chips were somewhat irregular in shape (a good thing), crunchy but with a pillowy middle, very reminiscent of chips from grilled actually.

I didn't get to try Chewy's Bombay Burger - a beef pattie with melted cheese, avocado raita (!), tomato relish and chips, he was most pleased with it.

Ms No Meat's order from the all day breakfast menu, the corn and zucchini fritters, which normally comes with either bacon or haloumi.  However, with staff displaying a most welcome willingness to accommodate their customers she was able to swap for chips and aioli.  Again, while I didn't get to try the fritters, I can confirm that Ms No Meat was most satisfied with them.

A happy little place somewhat off the grid, just far enough away from the office towers that most of the customers are from local business and nearby residencies.

Food - 8
Ambience - 7.5
Service - 8
Price - 7

48 Rosslyn Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
Tel: (03) 9348 9890

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