Saturday, March 23, 2013

Golden Lake Cake and Roast, Springvale by Bureaucrat

Following our rather meh lunch at Pho Hung, I felt the need for reinforcement.  So, I thought, let's get some buns. And I knew where I wanted to get them.

Of course, I didn't know the name of the place, I just recognised the place by sight.  Almost everytime we go to Springvale, we inevitably get lost.

The few landmarks that I know is this buns place, which I now know as Golden Lake Cake and Roast. Given its location and its size, I figured it'd be good.  Certainly, it has a lot on offer.

So we went with two custard egg buns (right), a red bean bun (with the red spot) and a BBQ bun (bottom left).  Admittedly, it was a few hours post purchase that we ate them, so it could have affected the quality.... but, on the other hand, the buns could just be plain crap.

The custard buns were the most disappointing.  When I picked one up, it was heavy - waaaay heavier than what a custard bun should be.  Biting into it, the bun was dry and had a texture like a bushman's damper.  The custard filling was solid and worse, it had dessicated coconut in it.  Wrong weight, wrong texture and wrong coconut.  Even looking at them, the surface looks lumpy.

I didn't have the red bean bun, and the Lawyer didn't say much about it, so I assume that it wasn't earth shattering.  Ditto with the custard buns, it had an odd lumpy surface.

The BBQ bun was equally wierd.  The dough was heavy and dry.  The BBQ pork was as wierd  and mysterious as you would fear from any meat you buy from Springvale.  It really felt and tasted like scrap meat from god knows where.  It was so wierd that I chucked it out after two bites.

Food – 4
Ambience – 6
Service – 6
Price – 8

So, an even meh-er experience than Pho Hung.  Maybe (and that's a big, maybe) we chose wrong, but I ain't going back.

Golden Lake Cake and Roast
46 Buckingham Ave
Springvale 3171
Telephone: 9574 6881

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've had the egg tarts from here before and they are usually pretty decent. But then I don't remember ever trying the bao before.


Bureaucrat said...

i did get some egg tarts for Mother Hen, and she said that they were okay. i didn't try them myself, but if the buns were anything to go by, then i'm glad i didn't try them.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding!?? The variety of bao's (Buns) at Golden Lake Cake and Roasts are delicious, alongside their renowned egg tarts which supersedes any other Asian cake for a low price of $2.00 that I've tasted in the proximity of Springvale.

Personally, after being a respected customer at Golden Lake Cake and Roasts for over 12 years now, ever since they have conveniently moved locations into the shopping centre recently in 2012, I have never been let down by the quality of both their cakes and roasts. The take-away service there is quite occasionally quite sluggish, however this acceptable due to their busyness at times.

Sorry to say, but your review seems to be flawed on many parts. Firstly, in subsequent years of first eating at Golden Lake Cake and Roasts, I have subsequently recognized that the BBQ pork used in their buns are straight from the premium BBQ pork sold at their roast section, hence not ‘mysterious’ as you would describe. Secondly, they provide a filling in their buns which is quite generous and larger than any other bun you would get around Springvale, which is to why it may be heavier. I seriously recommend returning back to Golden Lake Cakes and Roasts, before trying to write such an uncompromising review.

I usually would not have such a judgmental opinion on such a review, as a web-surfer, I personally enjoy reading around. However, this review is totally misleading and should definitely be reconsidered because the quality offered by this restaurant unanimously beats any other related restaurant around the area. Don’t believe me? Feel free to go around asking the locals and other restaurant owners around Springvale what their opinion is on Golden Lake Cakes and Roasts. You’d be surprised on the prestigious reputation it has built ever since it has begun trading in over 15 years ago.

Being a resident in the Springvale area, I felt like I was obligated to express the opinion of the local community. I advise web-surfers to definitely try Golden Lake Cakes and Roasts out, instead of being indirectly swayed by such a review.


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