Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Through Road Pantry, Camberwell by Bureaucrat

Feeling the need for some arvo tea, Beaker suggested that we get some baked goodies from Through Road Pantry.  Through Road Pantry is located in, well, Through Road in Camberwell. It’s a nice little strip of local shops. I’m told that while Through Road Pantry does nice baked goods, in recent times, its popularity has been eroded by the relatively newcomer in Through Road, Miss Frank (a more slick operation).

Having had a gawp at the goodies in both Through Road Pantry and Miss Frank's, I was more interested in what Through Road Pantry had to offer (an impressive range of goodies for one thing). It’s a simple bakery with a slight air of retro chic to it. In the window, all the many and lovely baked goodies are displayed, and when we walked in, there was an absolutely divine aroma of freshly baked sausage rolls that greeted us. In some ways, it felt like I was walking into nanna’s kitchen – warm and comforting, as opposed to the trendy and modern cafe that is Miss Frank's.

In keeping with the old school set up, there are no tables and chairs at Through Road Pantry. It’s the sort of bakery that you’d buy your treat and eat the treat from the paper bag as you wander down the strip to buy a newspaper and some sausages for lunch from the butcher.

Despite there being many things to choose from, it was obvious that I had to get the custard doughnut. Attentive readers will know that I am in love with the custard doughnuts at Walker’s Doughnuts. So how did Through Road Pantry’s custard doughnut compare? It compared pretty well – a close second to the ones at Walker's Doughnuts. It was a nice yeasty doughnut with a pleasant chewy texture. There was a good amount of custard, which was thick and luscious and not too sweet. The only thing that would have made it perfect was if it had a stronger vanilla flavour (made from real vanilla) to it. It wasn’t greasy and was the right size for satisfying a sweet craving without the guilt of indulging in something that’s so high in calories. And, it’s a snap at $1.90 (compared to almost twice the price at Walker's Doughnuts)!

Beaker got a slice of the black forest gateau. I have never understood the appeal of this cake. I’m guessing that that’s because in my experiences to date, all the black forest gateau have been from rather mediocre bakeries and cake shops. This one was moist, a good ratio of cake to cream and the Morello cherries were tart and not too artificial in taste. This is one of the better black forest gateau’s that I’ve had but I’m still not a fan. Beaker, however, quite liked it.

Last but not least was Bubba Chuck’s cupcake. She wolfed this down, which I take it as a sign of her approval.

Food – 7.5
Ambience – 7
Service – 7
Price – 10

I love this bakery. Love the range, the retro vibe and the old school prices! I would definitely go back to try the sausage rolls and the pies.... and maybe a few more of the cakes..... Someone put a kettle on!

Through Road Pantry
175 Through Rd
Camberwell 3124
Telephone: 9836 6385

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