Saturday, November 24, 2012

Walker's Doughnuts, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

The bureaucrat is in love!

Yes, I AM IN LOVE! I am in love with Walker’s Doughnuts!

Walker’s Doughnuts.... wow.... Forget your Krispy Kremes (which I never liked because it’s too sugary and I always felt like I’ve drunk a cup of oil) and the dense, brick-like doughnuts you get at Donut King... Walker’s Doughnuts set the standard for doughnuts.

A box full of delicious promise...

My recent discovery of Walker’s Doughnuts has been a double-edged sword. I love them (did I mention that?) but, man, my love of them has quickly ruined my weeks of careful eating and exercising. The Lawyer doesn’t get my obsession with the custard filled doughnuts. On more than one occasion he was, to use a phrase, harshing my buzz while I was eating them. So now, I eat in secrecy.... relishing the endorphin high that the custard filled doughnuts give me – plus, it means I don’t have to share. Voucher Boy would understand the need to eat away from judgmental family and friends.  (As a side note, don't try to eat them on a train... the icing sugar goes everywhere!  I have had weird looks from passengers as I tried to eat one elegantly on a moving train - it's not possible).

Located at the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders Streets, Walker’s Doughnuts is tiny shop with only a few seats. It’s bright yellow sign is a beacon for this American delight, and there are nostalgic sounds of 1950-70s American music that’s playing in the background to get you in the mood.

On this occasion, I got a dozen of mixed doughnuts. Walker’s Doughnuts is noted for their jam doughnuts. I find them to be okay and wished that it had more jam inside. The cinnamon sugar doughnuts are lovely for those who don’t like anything too rich. I didn't try the glazed ones because I'm not a fan of glazed doughnuts generally (I got them for other people, in case you were wondering why I just didn't get a dozen custard doughnuts).

Top from left to right: caramel glazed, original glazed, jam filled, cinnamon sugar, CUSTARD filled, choc glazed w custard

My absolute favourite is the custard filled doughnut. “Bureaucrat, tell me the ways that you love me,” says Custard Filled Doughnut. “Well,” says Bureaucrat, “the ways that I love thee are:
  • The doughnut is yeasty and light in texture. It’s not so over-processed like a Krispy Kreme where it feels like you’ve eaten nothing, and it’s not so dense to make you feel like you’re eating a boiled English pudding. 
  • I love that there is very little grease (for a doughnut) and it doesn’t make you feel bloated (unlike Krispy Kremes). I love that it’s perfectly fried so that it has the thinnest and delightful crust. It’s almost imperceptible but it is there. 
  • I love the generous amount of vanilla custard. From the lovely swirl that visible on top to how it fills out almost all the doughnut inside. The custard is luscious and has a nice ‘body’ to it. It’s creamy and vanilla-y and I could just eat a whole vat of it. 
  • Last but not least, I love the generous mountain of icing sugar that’s on top. It’s excessive, it’s frivolous and I don't care that I look like a cocaine addict with my face and clothes being covered in white powder.” 


Love the doughnuts. I can’t believe that Walker's Doughnuts has been there for yonks and that I’ve only discovered them now. Go give them a try!

Food - 9
Ambience - 7
Service - 7
Price – 9

Walker’s Doughnuts
26/2 Elizabeth St
Melbourne 3000 Vic
Telephone: 9662 2254


Libby said...

I've walked past this place many times, thinking that they were just a rubbish donut place without giving them much of a chance.

I was very surprised to read such a positive review. It looks like I will have to stop by next time! :)

Bureaucrat said...

Hi Libby
I had the same thoughts too! I'd thought it'd be crappy but it turns out that I can't get enough of them.
I hope you like them too :)

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