Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Liar Liar, Hawthorn by Snooze

Hawthorn is a location we don't venture to very often given Big Fil and I live in the southern suburbs. But this weekend was lady's choice this weekend and Liar Liar was my first choice. A strange choice in one way given Liar Liar is known for its coffee and neither Big Fil or I drink coffee but Liar Liar's reputation means it deserves a visit.

It was pretty full when we arrived at about 8.30am, more full than most places we arrive at by that time. If we'd arrived 30 minutes later we'd be lucky to get a seat. Our choice for seats was the last two next to the front door in what had to be the coldest part of the restaurant. Fortunately for us spots at the communal table quickly became available and we moved there around the same our drinks arrived.

Big Fil's choice for breakfast is often the pancakes or French toast. This week, being hungrier than usual, he opted for the Big Fat Breakfast: bacon, beef chipolatas, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, tomato relish on toast. Definitely a big breakfast! My taste test of this, especially the mushrooms and chipolatas, was this was the better of the two breakfasts for the day. Big Fil was happy with his choice.

I opted for the salmon and goat's cheese on scrambled eggs with toast, definitely an unusual choice for me. My favourite breakfast is poached eggs but I like to try the scrambled every now and then when I see it on the menu. Liar Liar's scrambled was ok, and I liked the salmon and goat's cheese, but the dish didn't hit the spot for me. The problem was really that, even after my eggs were cold, they weren't cooked enough.

Big Fil loves a breakfast dessert, and despite not finishing my eggs, I had room for dessert. Big Fil’s choice, a delectable chocolate brownie cheesecake was pretty damned good! The merest hint of a brownie topped by a moist cheesecake topped with swirled chocolate. I found I had plenty of room to spare once I started eating it and I wouldn't mind one right about now!

While the food was ok, Liar Liar just didn’t do it for me: the d├ęcor was dull, I eat out so often I like a cafe with a more diverse menu, and I always felt as though the staff were just that little more interested in chatting with regulars than doing their job. Having said that, thought, everything seemed to run smoothly despite that. With the things that didn't do it for me out of the way there were a number of positives: Liar Liar may be smallish but it never left me feeling as though I was sitting on anybody’s lap or listening in to their conversation, and so many people loving it means that relationship between staff and patrons may be why they patronise Liar Liar . Several conversations I observed had the appearance of chats between old friends, and a fellow diner and her young son (about four years old) at the communal table was a regular and happy patron. She also picked early we were bloggers and recommended a new place for us to visit: Lady Bower Kitchen in Reservoir which looks interesting and is now on our list of places to visit.

One final positive note: Liar Liar is definitely what the southern suburbs (about 20 or so kms from town) is looking for to give some competition to the so-so cafes in my part of town. Seriously guys ... give it some thought.

Food - 6.5
Ambience - 7
Service - 6.5
Price - 6.5

90 Kinkora Rd
Hawthorn VIC 3122
Tel: (03) 9818 8864

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