Monday, April 2, 2012

The View Restaurant, Utah by Iron Man

“The View Restaurant” is the restaurant at “The View” hotel in Monument Valley, on the border of Arizona and Utah. It looks out over three of the famous Buttes in the Valley.

The eating area is a semi-circle with several tables by the window and more within the semi-circle. We were there for dinner around sunset and were fortunate to get a window table. It's something to watch.

The menu features sandwiches, steaks, burgers, fish and the like, usually labelled with names associated with the Valley and its history, and also a set of Najavo dishes. Miss L felt like Soup of the Day which was a tomato bisque, available in both large and small servings. According to Miss L And Ms. Counting her Calories the tomato bisque was very tasty. Unfortunately, the photo of the bisque was very blurred.

Ms Counting her Calories and I chose Najavo dishes. Ms. Counting her Calories had the Green Chili Stew and I had the Red Chili Posole. With the two mains, we had a choice of the Fry Bread or Blue tortilla. So we could try each, I selected the Fry Bread and Ms. Counting her Calories, the Blue tortilla. The Red Chili Posole featured pork and posole, which is a type of grain. It was tasty though not particularly hot.

The Green Chili Stew, included chicken, and was even tastier and spicier, and we both agreed it was the better of the two.

In general the dishes tasted as though they had been made with good ingredients and were well cooked. Both the tortilla and fry bread were blueish in colour, the blue colour coming from a vegetable grown in the valley. Fry bread is a Najavo dish made of flour and water which is then fried. The tortilla was nice but the Fry bread was very tasty – not oily at all, which it can be.

After the positive experiences with the mains, Ms Counting her Calories and I shared two of the desserts – cherry pie and apple pie – both of which came with cream. These were fine but didn't leave as much of an impression as the main.

Restaurants attached to hotels tend to be expensive and not great value. Given that there were no other restaurants nearby, The View Restaurant is more of a monopoly than most. Nevertheless, the meal was competitively priced for the quality. If it had been a local restaurant we would have gone there again for a nice night out.

Food – 8
Service – 7
Ambience – 9
Price - 8

Indian Route 42 East
Monument Valley, Utah.

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