Monday, March 26, 2012

My Sister Says, Port Melbourne by Big Fil

I hate getting into arguments about he says, she says. However, I says that My Sister Says is one of the cutest cafes I have come across in the whole of Melbourne.

There are three things that make it so cute. First of all it's very small inside, verging on too small. While it makes efficient use of the space it has there isn't much to begin with, so that unless you're happy to sit on the street side tables getting in early would be a very good idea. Secondly, with its cakes up the front, shelves at the back and warm colours it has a very warm and homely feel to it. Thirdly and perhaps the most important, it has the cutest serving staff. Almost puppy like in their anxiety to please, friendly and bouncy even on a Sunday morning, I can't say it’s the most efficient service I've ever had (although in that respect it was on a par with most cafes) but I would have forgiven them almost anything (well, other than maybe dropping my food into my lap and even then it's debatable) just because they seemed so happy and keen.

Food wise the menu is small but the proportion of interesting dishes is very high. My French toast came with raspberries and ricotta, which while I neglected to note down I think was infused with mint. Very soft toast and not overly 'eggy', the raspberries would have been overwhelmingly sweet if paired with cream but matched very well with the ricotta.

Having gone for the smashed avocado option at Kamel the week before, Snooze this time went for the unusual breakfast salad. With crispy pancetta, roasted tomato, rocket, asparagus and soft-boiled eggs drizzled with mayo and gomasio, it's a style of dish I can't remember seeing being served as a breakfast item before. I particularly liked the saltiness from the pancetta, and the softness of the yolk compared to the normal dry yellow ball you usually get in salads. I can't say it was my favourite breakfast I've ever had, but it was certainly an interesting one.

The selection of cakes behind the counter looked good but without anything grabbing our attention as a must try breakfast dessert we decided to indulge out sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) at Noisette down the road.

Located a bit back from Bay Street, I was a bit surprised that My Sister Says wasn't busier than it was. The small window at the front did a fair takeaway trade, but even given how small the cafe was unless your heart was set on sitting inside finding a table would not have been a problem the whole time we were there. The fact that the menu was so limited would probably stop me from wanting to return again and again, but our visit was so easy and relaxing it felt like I was back on summer holidays again.

Food - 8
Service - 8
Ambience - 8
Price - 7

118 Bridge Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Tel: (03) 9646 1117

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